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Nightwish - ENDLESS FORMS MOST BEAUTIFUL - May 8th  ❤️

Today, Nightwish announce their 2nd single, for the title-track ‘Endless Forms Most Beautiful’. It will be available on May 8th as a limited edition MCD, 10“ Vinyl and as a download.

The tracklist is as follows:
1. Endless Forms Most Beautiful (album version)
2. Sagan (instrumental) previously unreleased
3. Endless Forms Most Beautiful (alternative version)
4. Endless Forms Most Beautiful (radio edit) previously unreleased
Pre-order 'Endless Forms Most Beautiful’ here:
Or at the Nightwish Shop:
Order the album »Endless Forms Most Beautiful« here:
Or at the Nightwish Shop:

Roy Keane

rarely has a footballer’s career been so sharply shaped by his own opinions, both before and after his retirement. what always strikes me about keane is his near ferocious devotion to his own convictions. what categorized him as a player was he got in the faces of opponents, physically and metaphorically. rough edges seemed to make up the perimeter of his personality. his aggression and hunger to win formed a barely restrained fuel that powered him to many honours and some dishonours. i wanted this piece to be bold and rugged and draw attention to the name on the jersey and of course his form of leadership, symbolised by the visual metaphor of the altered captain’s armband.

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