I honestly feel really bad for nate, like with the rest of the omaha squad doing the mudd thing with alli, stella, and noah. Like i feel they just felt nate wasnt “attractive” enough, which i hope isnt the case, especially with the “ugly duck” picture he put on his story. I just hope he realizes that hes not the ugly duck and it makes me sad that they didnt put nate in the mudd thing

House Mudd, Once kings of the Riverlands.

House Mudd was a noble house from the Riverlands, they blazoned their shield with a golden crown studded with emeralds on a brown field. The Mudds once ruled as Kings of the Rivers and the Hills from a castle along the Blue Fork whose ruins are now called Oldstones. They were the last of the First Men to rule the Trident, reigning for over a thousand years. Tristifer IV Mudd was a great First Men king who was victorious in ninety-nine of his one hundred battles. When seven Andal kings banded against him, Tristifer lost his one hundredth battle and died in the fighting. Tristifer V succeeded his father, Tristifer IV, but was not his equal and his kingdom was destroyed during the Andal invasion.


So I don’t think this movie realized how terrifying this is for reasons they didn’t intend

Uncanny-valley awkward-movement dealio

This movie was so entirely stupid but then I was like EWERGH