The actress Audrey Hepburn photographed (sitting on the lap of an unidentified man, in front of the building that was rented to be Holly Golightly’s apartment, on 167 East 71st Street, in Manhattan) in New York City, New York (USA), during a break in the filming of “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, in November 1960.

Audrey was wearing:

  • Coat: Givenchy (of beige wool, collar à revers, single-breasted with two buttons of resin in the same color, detail of two pockets, seams overstitched, the model presents a shape more wide in a straight line, length at the knees, liner of beige silk, of the collection for the Autumn/Winter 1959/60).
  • Shirt: Givenchy Boutique Paris (of white silk cotton, of the collection for the Spring/Summer of 1959).
  • Sunglasses: Oliver Goldsmith (created specially for her in 1956. The same that she wore in the opening scene of “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”).

Mini-challenege for myself, for April: EAT BREAKFAST

I only eat breakfast about once a week. Maybe twice. I have stomach aches if I wake up too early, so that may be why. Also, I enjoy sleeping in until the last minute before I have to get ready for work so time is a factor as well.

But I need to commit to it and make it a habit, especially since I’m going 9-6 in a week. This won’t be like my current job where if I’m starved I can sneak off for a cup of soup or coerce the cook into a side of bacon. 

Here are some facts from Mr. Breakfast about the benefits of that morning meal:

  • A new study from the Sussex Innovation Centre, Brighton, UK found that eating breakfast improves people’s mental performance. 61% of test subjects showed improvements in English and mathematics tests after eating breakfast. Hand-eye coordination was also improved. Breakfast eaters also showed a reduction in anxiety levels when faced with stressful situations.

  • A study from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center found that adult women trying to diet are more successful if they eat a healthy breakfast and avoid mid-morning snacks.
So! Breakfast every morning to jump start my day; even if it’s just toast or some fruit and yogurt. 
Bookish Questions!

Thank you so much for tagging me penandpaperss!

Rules: Answer the questions from the person who tagged you.
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1. Have you ever stolen a book? What book?
Not necessarily. My parents moved and out all of their books in the basement of my dad’s office, so I’ve taken some of those, but they were family books to begin with :)

2. Which author has a name you love to say?
Agatha Christie. I just love saying the name Agatha!

3. Have you ever bought a book twice on accident?
Nope. I don’t plan to, unless there’s a beautiful cover involved!

4. Do you have to visualize characters as you read?
Depends. With certain books that I’ve read, the story line is more important and the characters didn’t really a face, but other books I have to know everything they’re wearing!

5. Would you buy a foreign edition of a book just for the cover? If so (or if you have) which cover are we talking about here?
Probably! Depends on how beautiful the cover is, cause chances are I would never read it!

6. Do you consider yourself a collector of books? Or a reader? Or both?
Definitely both. I’m obsessed with buying books and I love reading, but I buy more books than I can read, so I might be leaning towards a collector more than a reader.

7. Neil Gaiman. Yay or nay? I can’t figure it out.
YAY!!! Neil Gaiman is MY FAVORITE author. I own almost every books he’s written and I have never read a book of his that I didn’t devour!

8. The one author from whom you own/have read everything.
Well I own B&N editions of complete series like Jane Austen and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, but other than that, I would say the most I have from one author is Neil Gaiman or Raymond Chandler.

9. A book that was so bad that you were angry at it, or that you had to quit because you couldn’t take it anymore.
Hands down The Catcher in the Rye. I loathed this book. I chucked it across the room a few times, and if it wasn’t from a library, I would’ve burned it.

10. Literary tea party. You are allowed 7 guests, who do you invite? (characters, authors…) Agatha Christie, Phillip Marlowe (character), F. Scott Fitzgerald, Neil Gaiman, Ernest Hemingway, Mr. Darcy (character), Holly Golightly (character)

11. What book has the worst title?
I actually have never read a book where I thought the title was horrible, so I can’t really answer this one.

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Mr. Breakfast

Muffin Madness 101

Top 3 Quotes:

3. “I think of muffins as my friends. I treat them as I would treat my old college roommate Spiff or my non-sexual (with me) female friend Laura. When I show affection to friends, there a subtlety involved. I don’t tongue kiss my friends. I don’t "dry-hump” my friends.“

This essay on muffins just opens a whole can of worms on questions regarding Mr. Breakfast’s personal life. Does he ask Spiff and Laura to refer to him as Mr. Breakfast? Is there some underlying resentment on his non-sexual (with him) relationship with Laura? Who does Mr. Breakfast "dry-hump,” if not Spiff or the muffins?

2.  "When you show affection to a lover or certain breads, anything goes. You get your hands in there; you’re excited, sometimes even spastic. And that’s okay.“

Well, there are some answers regarding Mr. Breakfast’s own love life. I have not explored the site enough, but there may be some bread porn. 

1. ”It’s fun to rush around with your muffins and friends, but you really get the true flavor of your friends in quieter more contemplative moments. Take the time to focus on your friends and muffins. Make some coffee. Put out jam and softened butter.“

This is actually just a really nice conclusion. I’m going to go find some friends to eat muffins with, now.