[Private] She hasn’t been getting to me lately. It’s sort of like how Sue could say whatever she wanted to me by the end, and I just smiled through it. I don’t know, maybe it’s because I’m still feeling all warm and fuzzy from the wedding.
Like I said to her, I know she started it, and if you feel the need to keep it going, I’m on your side. I did notice that you were mostly just defending me in the beginning. I just think it’s a little silly.

Yeah, because you’re literally Mr. Sunshine. Sue locked us in a elevator and you almost thanked her.. It’s cute though and balances me out, I think.

I don’t really want to fight with her is the thing and it’s not like what she said was even inherently insulting. It was just how she said it that grated on my nerves. Not to mention I’m still not over what she said to me in the hallway a few months ago. Every time I see her I immediately get annoyed because of it and I know it’s stupid but— Yeah.