anonymous asked:

Hey Boss, you ever take any mementos from Maero or any other members of the Brotherhood? Just asking 'cause I know a guy in Steelport who's a bit of a truck and tattoo junky. Guy actually listens to the Feed Dogs still. It's that bad. But he might give you a great price for any Brotherhood stuff.

“Oh fuck yeah, are you kiddin’? I love souvenirs. We kept all kinds’a shit from the crews we tore down. Killbane’s mask. Jyunichi’s swords. Mr. Sunshine’s Barbie… I know we still got a shitload of Feed Dog albums we gotta get rid of. Got a few of Maero’s trucks, too. They’re probably still collecting dust in some garage somewhere. We’ll have to hit up the boys at HQ, get a rundown of what they got for us.”

“This guy’s gotta be willin’ to pay a serious dime, though. I don’t get rid of my collectibles easy. How do you know him? He’s not some crackpot, neo-Nazi with a mullet is he? ‘Cause if he is, the hell makes you think he’s got enough bank to handle himself around us?”