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2014 Goodreads Choice Awards Winners [Part One / Part Two]

City of Heavenly Fire Day Challenge April 26-May 26

31. The Mortal Instruments Memories.

It’s finally come to the end of an era. Of course, there will be other Shadowhunters in later books, but we grew with these ones. Just like we did The Infernal Devices.

We watched Jace & Clary fight for their love and follow their hearts. We watched Isabelle learn to love and trust. We watched Simon come out of the friend-zone and surprise everybody with his courage and bravery. We watched Alec become himself and be who he is meant to be. We watched Magnus help him get there and love him unconditionally. We watched Luke carry the love for Jocelyn for years. For her to finally tell him her own secret of loving him too. We watched Max get taken away from us at the hands of a demon boy with black eyes that resemble the pits of hell.
We saw Valentine lie, the inquisitor forgive, Hodge betray and the Seelie Queen manipulate.

We went on an adventure with our fellow Shadowhunters to hell and back again. We felt everything they did, we live, laughed, loved and mourned with them.
The series may be over, but the characters will forever live on through us, as we read on.

"Now I am not asking you to be happy at my leaving but all I ask you to do is to turn the page and let the next story begin."- Mr Magorium.

Let’s turn the page and let a new adventure begin with Emma Carstairs, Julian and the rest of The Blackthorns.

BAND OF THE DAY #90 - Mister Heavenly

Indie Rock veterans Nick Thorburn of Islands/The Unicorns, Ryan Kattner from Man Man, and Joe Plummer, Modest Mouse drummer have joined forces to create Mister Heavenly. They only have three ground rules a) Keep it short; b) Keep it simple; and c) Keep it rooted in some semblance—harmonic, lyrical—of classic doo-wop. They toured with Passion Pit towards the end of 2011, after releasing their debut “Out of Love” on Sub Pop Records, bringing along adorable Canadian actor Micheal Cera as touring bassist. Their playful spirit is evident but their collaboration of contrasting vocals and captivating guitar hooks will make this project one to remember. Stream “Pineapple Girl” here or watch the delightfully boisterous video for “Bronx Sniper” below.

Mister Heavenly - Bronx Sniper from Ravenhouse LTD. on Vimeo.

Angela S.

lockdaisy asked:

Well, Mr. Heavenly Demon, you certainly contributed to the deterioration of the current Dressrosan state of affairs by creating a rather chaotic, LAWless atmosphere, didn't you? ;P

What are you even talking about? I’m a great and fair king and a law abiding citizen  and thus I would never let Dressrosa fall into such chaotic state.

I had an amazing-fun time exercising with Let’s Move team member Latasha Lyons, model Symone, and Mr. Quick - Heavenly Vision Free Community Health Fair