SpanishGP 2015

Championship: VR: 82 - AD: 67 - JL: 62 - MM: 56 - AI: 50
Jerez de la Frontera
Pole position: J. Lorenzo #99
Front row: #99 - #93 - #29
27 laps
DNF: #17 - #76 - #7
1. Lorenzo (Movistar Yamaha)
2. Marquez (Repsol Honda Team)
3. Rossi (TMovistar Yamaha)

Back to Europe, back to Spain with the first of the 3 spanish GP of the season at Jerez de la Frontera. Weather has been good to the MotoGP championship for this return to the old continent as a glorious sunshine has been our host for the whole weekend. Even if the tarmac, which is now very old, need to be redone, conditions were almost perfect and records have been taken down.

Let’s go back on the Top 5 WTF moment from the weekend:

5) Yamaha 3 - Honda 1

Remember last year? Yamaha wasn’t looking good in front of the Marquez / Honda duo that was absolutely perfect. So perfect that they were able to win 10 races in a row from Qatar (first race of the season) to Indy at mid championship.
If 2014 was a perfect season for Honda winning 14 races out of 18, 2015 is the opposite.
Since Qatar, the Japanese team does not show the same dominance than last year. Weakened by the absence of Pedrosa, the HRC unfortunately can not count on Aoyama to save something. The Japanese fell again at Jerez during the race. Only Marquez is here to save the honor of the HRC. But between engine failure, technical error, pilot error and a finger injury, he’s now only fourth in the championship. The season will be long for the Repsol team who must count the days until Dani Pedrosa’s return now plan to be at Le Mans.

 3) Rossi keeps on leading the championship

It is impossible not to mention Valentino Rossi once again this weekend.
The Italian suffered, working hard with his team but never managing to find the right setup, one that would allow him to compete with Lorenzo.
However, he saved face by taking a 3rd place. It’s his fourth podium in four races this season, the 200th overall. He holds the absolute record of world championship podiums.
Championship leader, he keeps the lead with 82 points, 15 better than 2nd in the standings: Dovizioso.

 2) Controversy ?

It is well known, to sell newspapers or do online buzz, nothing’s better than controversy!
That’s what many journalists tried to do during thursday’s press conference, focusing their questions on Rossi and Marquez to found if wether or not their relationship had deteriorated since the incident in Argentina. 
A situation that made the press conference felt really heavy, first, for both Rossi and Marquez but for the other riders too as they’ve asked for their opinion on what had happened.
At least, this has allowed us to have some funny replicas such as “I do not know I was too far behind” of Lorenzo or the “I do not care it allowed me to take a podium” of Crutchlow.

1) Imperial Lorenzo

Jorge Lorenzo was a man on a mission at Jerez: to get his first podium of the season. A season that was difficult for him so far, between technical and physical problems.
At Jerez he rode with panache and dominated the whole weekend from start to end proving the gossips wrong and that he’s still not finished.
This is a question I always ask myself, why is Lorenzo so unloved and denigrated by the fans? His style is superb and his records and career speaks for itself. But yet, this weekend I’ve read many comments going from the simple wickedness to an awful “he should have drawn into the lake! ”.
Lorenzo is an amazing rider and it is a great pleasure to watch him from trackside, any journalist will tell you. Yes, that’s right he does not have the aura of Rossi or the eternal smile of Marquez but do i really need to remind you that this is and image build for communication by a team of people behind the rider ? Yes, i have no doubt both Rossi or Marquez, or many other riders are very good and funny people but i’m pretty sure there’s lots of days where it’s not all joy and smile and good living. Lorenzo is always being said as arrogant but he’s so very not! He speaks the truth, his truth and the translation into english does not do him any favor most of the time.
No matter how much he seems to be hated, it was a pleasure to see him race this weekend: a perfect style, pole record, victory on the line with 20 seconds advance on last year’s time and the joy, first of the pilot himself to be back on the title run and, of course, the joy of his team, proud of the work accomplished. Congratulations Mr. Lorenzo, what a good news to know that you’ll be there again on the M1 in 2016!