So there’s this new movie called Exodus coming out this month and from the looks of it, Moses and Rameses are as white as 2% milk.

With that being said, let me tell you about a better movie. I watched it a few months ago for the first time and I am still in awe.

It’s called Prince of Egypt and it is fantastic.

Here’s why:

  • All of the characters have dark skin.

(Seriously, every single character has dark skin!)

  • There’s a great dynamic between Moses and Rameses. In this movie, they’re brothers. (And I’m personally a sucker for things about brothers!) And you can really see the emotions and inner turmoil that they experience when fate puts them on different sides.
  • The relationships between the other characters are great.
  • The animation is incredible:

(Gifs aren’t mine.)

The movie came out in 1998 and the animation is still superb!

  • I’m told that it follows the Biblical story quite well
  • But the thing that ultimately makes it one of the greatest stories about Moses is that no matter what your faith is, you can still appreciate it. I’m not a very religious person and I still loved this movie. The morals expand beyond one religion and apply to everyone. Not many movies succeed at doing that.
  • Also, it’s free on Netflix!

In conclusion, forget Exodus.

Go watch Prince of Egypt.