Yasiin Bey On Relocating, Travelling Through Africa, and Living in Cape Town:

"You’ve got to be where you feel good and effective. A place that also provides opportunity and inspiration. While moving to a new location is always the same; find a house, move in, etc., these two cities give me more of an emotional attachment. It’s a soul connection rather than a logical or rational connection, and it only makes sense to me. I see a lot of opportunities in Paris and Cape Town and I’m blessed and fortunate enough to be able to be based out there. Traveling keeps me inspired. Recently, I’ve been to Johannesburg, Morocco, Manila, Kuala Lumpur and Chile, checking out the local music and fashion industry. One of the few places I haven’t been to yet is Reykajvik, the capital of Iceland.

The world is a very dynamic place so every place is different and has its pros and cons, challenges and joys. I like being based in Africa, there’s a lot more of the continent that I’m looking forward to seeing, experiencing and working in even. Africa provides a lot of inspiration to me, almost on every level, not just as a creative, but spiritually.”