Morrigan is so important


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"I think that a lot of players expected that she would bend herself to do whatever they wanted because they’ve done the romance, gotten her approval up, and of course she would just sort of follow their destiny. But Morrigan has her own destiny.”

Morrigan's dream in the Fade

You know I just realized something about Morrigan’s dream in the Fade. We always mention how she was aware that she was dreaming but I have yet to see a post focusing on what she was dreaming about in the first place.

We always seem to focus on Alistair’s childhood when it comes to abuse – and don’t get me wrong, the way Eamon treated him and barely tolerated him is incredibly shitty and all the more infuriating when you see how he coddles him once he’s the only Theirin left – but Morrigan went through some pretty disturbing and downright outraging things, and that dream is quite illuminating in that regard - and completely heartbreaking, if you ask me.

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