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How would Slytherins dress? Think there's any common adjectives/themes?

Some very general adjectives used to describe Slytherin dress are: elegant, stylish, tasteful, alluring, mysterious. 


Most Slytherins are very conscious of their outward appearance, and often use styles of clothing/makeup to convey an incredibly situation-specific persona to best suit their personal interests, the goal generally being to make people both impressed by and comfortable with you (the word “chameleon” comes to mind).


An example: say a Slytherin wants to walk into a bank and apply for their first credit card, no prior credit established, new bank, new town (totally not talking about my weekend). Said Snake would take an extra amount of time that morning to make sure they appear reputable; say, wearing a nice button-up shirt with a pair of well-fitting jeans and carefully styled hair, or maybe a modest dress with pearl earrings and intentionally natural-looking makeup. The goal here is to get the teller to see you as someone who looks good and takes care of themselves, and by extension their finances. Whether or not you deserve what you are looking for is irrelevant; it’s all about using your cunning to use whatever you can to get what you want. 


Any of you other Snakes have anything to contribute?

I hope I helped! 
- Sam

Whatever you do don’t imagine a young Jim Moriarty stealing astronomy books from the library/bookstore and making little notes or drawings in the margins and using them to escape the bullies and the loneliness for a little while and just thinking about the stars to feel better because they make him a little more excited about life and suddenly the world doesn’t seem so hopeless and dull when he’s thinking about the cosmos and all that’s out there ok just don’t do it

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Sheriarty - Losing Your Memory

I’m just so tired of Irene Adler working for Moriarty. It’s not clever. It’s not new. If you want Irene as a villain, fine, go ahead. But there’s never any reason for her to be working for Moriarty. He’s evil, she’s evil, obviously she’s his subordinate! No. Can we have an independent woman who remains an independent woman for once?

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I don’t know how to put this into words but in The Reichbach Fall when Sherlock says “Nobody could be that clever,” and Johns says “You could.” Then when Sherlock smirks I can just imagine him compiling every single time John told him he was “brilliant” or “fantastic” because he knew he wouldn’t hear his voice for another 2 years and that breaks my heart

The bird always appeared to be smiling, though that was absurd, for birds could not smile. If birds could in fact smile, John mused, this bird’s smile would not be kindly. It gloats, flaunts some unknown victory in Holmes’s face.


"You are a prize for which I would sit three thousand seasons in a cage."

"You would not last two months."

"With you I would fly one thousand nights."

"I have no wings with which to fly."

"The stars from heaven I would pull to gather their light and make a cloak for you."

"I have no desire of stars, nor cloaks made of their light."

"What my dear mortal would you desire of me?"

"Simply your love, my beloved. That is all I shall ever ask."

"Love is a small payment for you…"

"But it is all I require."

With this thing I finally post my art on tumblr, take a good, long look cause this probs won’t happen again. 

PS this is for chosenofashurha because I love that bro.