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Our “better half”, Moon Lasso, posted this epic session courtesy of Cyro Baptista’s Banquet Of The Spirits earlier this week. Some really beautiful sounds of the highest order. Imperative listening.

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TRSH MTN by Michael Parallax and MoonLasso

"Shorty shorty shorty, I just want to dance with you tonight. I don’t want to take you home, I don’t want to take you home." -Michael Parallax

Pretty much my philosophy whenever I find myself on the dance floor nowadays.

Zen in Old English

We’ll look in the mirror when we’re-incarnated
Slave babies mocha-colored corporate specimen
Industrial dreadlocked pizza musicans
big eyes small mouths puckered assholes
two hours ago I was shining floors
Rejected by the New Yorker!
Like I give a shit
I just wanna tell my dad before he dies
thinking is the hardest work there is
sentimental loose knit surrealist automatism
I get Kanye I get Pollock I get Jesus
I get Nietzsche and nervous and superfluous
I fucked all of Paris without a condom on purpose
never spoke word of it
lassoed the moon
rebelled against beauty and chaos
loved both in the end
they’re the same difference
anything less is a cop out
Intelligence seems like a fabrication
Wisdom is as wisdom sees it
Einstein’s cousin crossbred with another inferior penis
Risk everything to solve the equation!
I’m a follower of black female president
I don’t believe in war or our current idea of leadership
the world is changing
I think she’s more interesting than Hilary is
but I’m an Evolver
driven toward the opposite of apocalypse
Republican Democrat Blood Crip Neo-Pink Voodooist
sitting on his archeological digs 
Jimi Hendrix was not a nihilist
Dave I’m talking to you online and you ain’t even reading this!
From Brown Mega Corporation to the back alleys of Venus
History rhymes with whatever you believe in

James Lassos the Moon
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by ravenhowlett

Words: 529, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 2 of Love is Not For Children

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