Just got back from the climate march about an hour ago. I’ve never walked that much in my life. It has left me excited as all hell by life. Thank you Montreal for being such an involved, spirited and beautiful community. I handed out all 35 of the heart pins I had made and was pleased to see the organizers as well as other attendants had thought of the same idea and most people were already wearing pins. I am overjoyed to have seen my friend Brandon, who unfortunately couldn’t wear one of my pins because he was there on behalf of his school paper. Non-biased journalism ethics all up in that homie. I am also overjoyed that my partner joined me for the march, it may be a small gesture but it means so much to be supported by someone I care about. Especially since I don’t have any local friends who support the same causes I do, or at least say they do, then don’t ever do shit about them. If you were at the march let me know tumblr. I’ll be posting some pictures once I load up an album.