I’m going to talk about Scotty for a quick moment. Because I have been going through Into Darkness all day and as of this moment, this part gives me the most feels. 

I didn’t really realize at first how much of an affect it would have on Scotty that, that security guard was going to be sucked out of the airlock. I watched the movie six times and disregarded it. Probably because I was hyped up with all of the action that was going on I didn’t take the time to think about the causality of one person that was supposed to be on the bad guys side and the potential affect it would have on Scotty.

The fact that Scotty stalled as long as he possible could before opening the door to the airlock in some potential way to save this man’s life and then, apologized with obvious remorse on his face for what he was about to do, breaks my heart into pieces. Everyone loves Scotty, there isn’t something about him that the crew can find irritable. And that’s because he’s as genuine of a man that he appears to be. And the fact that the death of a man can be directly connected to him must devastate him.

I’m sure Scotty blames himself for the death of the captain, but that wasn’t in his control. Kirk rendered him unconscious and acted on his own to enter the warp core. This security guard on the other hand, Scotty could have warned him to grab hold of something but time was running out and he had to choose between the life of a man he didn’t know or that of his Captain’s. This man’s death is directly linked to Scotty because he was the one that pressed the button to open the airlock. 

Scotty knew instantly what would happen to this man when he opened the airlock. Just a few minutes prior he explained what would happen to himself if he were to be sucked into space. “Where upon I will freeze, die and explode!” He didn’t want that to happen to himself, there is no reason he wanted it to happen to this man. Who, by all accounts was an innocent person. Just appearing to do his job by securing the ship of strange people. Scotty didn’t know what this man’s story was but he had to open that airlock because if he didn’t, then the rest of his crew would die. Spock would say that the needs of the many out weigh the needs of the few, but that saying means something completely different when you are choosing between your life and someone else’s. 

I’m pretty sure Scotty still thinks about this man, has the occasional bad dream. Has maybe even tried to find his family to apologize and explain what happened.