Monsters Forever

Hi Guys! I hope you enjoy this fic! Prompted to me by the lovely myfinnnelsonpls 10,600+ a bit of a monster fic here :D

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A/N: Modern day AU. Rae breaks up with Finn same premise really, but she gets better after working on her insecurities and wants to talk, but does he want to talk to her?


“Hey, Rae.” Archie greeted her as she walked into his garage.

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I re-painted the face of a Catrine de Mew Monster High doll & made her some new clothes. Gonna send these things & a few more things to a friend of mine living in another state. I tried to make a nurse outfit & a ruffly loli outfit but the tiny careful sewing is so time consuming. I can send them later, with the other gifts I wasn’t able to finish on time. -_-’

This adventure started last year, it was march and I would NEVER thought I’d have the chance to meet so many amazing people, to have the great luck of writing so many words with so many talented writers, the great opportunity to see my muse grow and evolve in so many ways, toward many muses, establishing so many different relationships. To each and everyone of you I would love to say thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

In everybody’s life, experience, time, there are few people able to make the difference. IC or OOC, I have some bonds that are deep here and this post is for them too, especially for them. To thank you, for every word, every ask, every time you were there for me, every laugh and every tear we shared. . 

Again, thank you. I love you all. 

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If I forgot someone, and I’m sure I did cause I always do (bad memory), please do not feel bad. I just put here few people that left a mark on me, on my writing, on my muse. But you all did, in your personal, wonderful, fantastic way. 

You are all amazing. 



you know, the hulk is what bruce always wanted to be, but didn’t quite know how to be. the hulk is strong, and indestructible, and unstoppable; he’s this great beast that doesn’t bow to anybody.

he’s exactly what a child who spent his early life being beaten, being scared, and watching his mother get beaten would want to be. remember when you were a kid, and when you were upset you had glorious dreams of how you’d rectify it if only you were bigger, stronger, faster, better - but you never accounted for how you’d feel despite your new strengths.

that’s the hulk.

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