Monarchy of Roses


 Anthony and I were watching the clip” Get Back “by The Beatles, where they play on a roof, and decided:” It will be nice to do something? Recorded in California, in a magical time and make something iconic for an iconic band. ” — Klasfeld ( director of The adventures of rain dance maggie) 

 “Crouched on our knees in Flea’s basement. He started  and I just started doing those wacky medley chords.” — Josh Klinghoffer about Monarchy of Roses  

” We made a video for Look Around. I’m very excited about it, it was the most fun to shoot them all. ” — Flea 

”Coincided Brendan died right on the day it is the first rehearsal with Josh Klinghoffer. I was driving home towards the mountains of Santa Monica when I received a message saying that Brendan had died of a stroke and the day of his birthday. When I got to the test, I told the staff that the band had just lost this wonderful person. And then we started playing without speaking. Probably after I have given the news, the second thing that came out of that jam was the basis for the song Brendan’s Death Song. Music is more a celebration than a bummer — Anthony Kiedis