New Order Arrivals & Convention {News & Updates}

Today some orders finally arrived from Japan. due to how many there were and the size of the boxes they took a lot longer than we anticipated to arrive to us. For those wondering about the Haruka figures we received only 6 of them for the first people who pre-order. The rest will not be coming till next week. If you do not get any sort of shipping invoice for your order within the next 2 days then please know that your items are not either released yet or are coming in the next shipment, thank you for your patience! You’re still welcome to contact us if you want to know the proper status of your orders.

DISCOUNT SALE: We are also having a huge sale on all left over items from the Eternal Summer Sarion Kuji shown above. All left overs are only $10.00 each! This includes any left overs from the sticker sheet sets, folder sets, mirrors, bags and mascots. We will be making a new post with what we have left over in the next few days. So please make sure to check back if interested.

IMPORTANT: We will also be leaving for 5 days for a convention (Sakuracon 2015) so we will be unable to process any new orders that arrive next week. We are thought doing our best to send shipping invoices for all orders we have right now and shipping everything that is paid for before we leave for this upcoming convention. Semi-Hiatus will begin April 2nd till April 6th 2015. For questions or concerns please message us at any time!

  • For direct pre-order terms & conditions please visit our Main Website
  • Some pre-orders & in-stock orders can be found @ our Online Store (Under Maintenance)
  • For questions or concerns please Contact Us

Don’t see what you’re looking for in our Online Store?

Don’t worry! You can place pre-orders for any items such as, but not limited to: figures, art-books, box sets, doujinshi, straps, key-chains, plushies, clothes, jewelry, and much more. As long as it’s still for sale in Japan we can order it for you. Not all merchandise we advertise here will be found at our online store, some have to be directly pre-order through us via e-mail.

Commission rates and fees will apply to any special orders you place, so please keep in mind upon inquiring about any items. If there is an Event you want to order from please contact us to check if we can attend them, and buy the items you want.

  • We ship Worldwide!

Online Store Pre-Orders: When placing pre-orders at our Online store please make sure to read full description for each item you order as they all have different released dates. Shipping is not included for any of our pre-orders online, or any pre-orders in general. More information about shipping can be found at our main website, if you still have any questions or concerns please message us.

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Did someone say canon free! dogs? (and cat) I couldn’t resist, the idea is so cute. Props to Nitori and his genius picks for everyone. (I made him a Bichon Frise, it seems to fit him and I’ve seen it used before). I snuck Gou, Sei, Kisumi and Hayato in there too.  

Shoutout to ooishi-makoto for a lot of the inspiration on the designs :D especially for the Matsoukas. Go check out her stuff ^^

Lets all cry for Sousuke and his shoulder brace (I based the design off of a brace my dog wore once.) He’s probably an injured police dog in this AU

As for Kisumi, I made him and Hayato American Eskimo dogs because I know someone that has one that they dyed pink for a show once. It was adorable (and safe don’t worry) so we can just imagine Kisumi dog has similarly enthusiastic owners. ;D