The Hobbit Modern Mafia AU

When the unexpected death of Bungo and Belladonna Baggins brought Bilbo back to Bag End in the middle of his studies in university, he finds out there’s more than just a large amount of money and a really big house waiting for him…

A story in which Bilbo is a mafia boss who knows nothing about mafia (he just wants to finish his education and becomes a writer), while the Durins was a once powerful family but its members now scattered and struggles to live a hard and normal life. Among them, the former leader of the family, Thorin, was approached by Gandalf, who wants to hire some bodyguards for Bilbo because whose better at protecting a mafia newbie than an experienced (former) mafia?

Crime Family AU; Loki.

They call him the Liesmith, the Wordsmith. You wanna watch out for him. He’s what you’d call a go-between; can talk his way out of anything, that one can. They say he was loyal though a long time ago, they say he’d have done anything for his family. Now though? Well they say he burnt down their warehouse, they say he’s causing chaos. Odin better watch his back.

yes i know my graphic is awful but it inspires me

Crime Family AU;  Hades & Persephone

There is a little flower shop on Elysian Road, sells the best and brightest bunches in the whole city. Spring, Summer, Autumn, it’s doors are open wide but in the winter months the shutters are closed, barred, barricaded. Some people say its because the flowers die in winter so how can they be sold? But there are greenhouses and heat lamps and artificial sunlight so there really is no excuse. There is a tale some people spin of the flower shop owners daughter and the eldest son of Dimitri Kronos, that strange dark boy who builds coffins and funeral pyres. (x)

Crime Family AU; The Death of Baldr

They paid to keep him safe, their summer son, they paid everyone to keep him safe. No one would dare touch him, who would want him dead? That brilliant boy? But someone did, someone wanted him gone. They say it was mistletoe, snuck in to his food, they couldn’t get to him in time. They say the whole city wept. 

The only thing that looks good on us

Empire Diaries – by Matt I. Halfwax
Part II: Profiling your daily greeting Groundhog

Your satellite shots down its spot to its pod: You wake up, take a look at your iSpyder: 07.09.22 AM. A city of ghosts? A city of angels? What’s been up in here? How much is the fish?! Your eyes wander across the slightly lightened walls around your bed. Where were you – when we got high?! One dried out rose lay at your old tube television in front. Reminding you: Life seemed to be true – once in time. I switch the Jaegermeister-luminaire of my old bar on. The last ace, I’ve got left. Reminding me: Old buildings could live! All I have to do: Riding on your dead horse once again. The daily greeting Groundhog is back. Some kind of my personal Greyhound. But in the end: Just another Daily Norwegian’s iJob. I hope you suddenly feel like being an old soccer’s hotspur. Some kind of Dave G. Beckster – kicking and living like he‘s dying just to take one last breath in time. But be sure: We try to save you. Who I am?! Just another SPINTROTTER iCab. Just kind of Lucky Luke and Jolly Jumper in one person – on the road to your Mandalay again. That’s what our iGenius Simon T. Hawm’s taught us.

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Jon/Sana- Confessss!

This is a continuation of my mafia au


Jon sped down the road, getting the car as far away from the town as quickly as possible. As much as he tried, he could not stop himself from glancing over at the passenger seat every few minutes. Sansa had her legs curled beneath her and she was staring out of the window at the darkness surrounding them.

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