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So, now that you are reunited with Lily can we name you Momleficent? Lily wasn't sure if you'd appreciate it!

Get out of my sight grey face, I do not appreciate these nicknames you have given me without my consent, before you come into my presence, honor me with the respect that I, the Mistress of all Evil, the woman with the most potential for darkness, deserve. Before then my dear, you shall not be getting an answer.

Now be gone you pesky mite.

We recently had the pleasure, no, honor (probably both) of sitting down to interview Cassandra Peterson aka Elvira Mistress of The Dark at this years Wizard World Las Vegas. I fulfilled a childhood dream and crush!

Thank you for taking the time out to speak with us today. I know you’ve been very busy with autographs and pictures with fans. Is this your first Wizard World convention?

You’re welcome! No, I’ve done many Wizard Worlds. I love working with them they put on a really super professional con.

We actually just saw you not too long ago at this past years Comikaze in southern California.

Oh, no kidding! I’m actually part owner of Comikaze (with Stan Lee). That’s turned into a really awesome convention too, it’s grown almost double in size every year. This next one will be the fourth one!

Growing up we watched all your movies, watched all the hosting gigs you did on TV, and read every magazine with you in it.

Thank you!

What do you think it is that has kept you so popular and relevant right up to today?

I think, if I had to guess, it’d be my connection to Halloween. I think I’m a little bit like Santa Claus in that Santa Claus has been around since I’m not sure when, but every year we come around again because you’ve got a holiday that we’re slightly attached to. Plus people love Halloween, I mean as I’m sure you know, it’s almost as popular as Christmas. Merchandise wise and sales it is definitely closing the gap. However, I think that I kind of fade out through the rest of the year, but Halloween I’m back, I’m on tons of shows, people see me in ads and commercials, so it’s a kind of reminder every year. If I was somebody else my movie would be over and I’d just fade away, but I get this renewed career every year. So, thank you Halloween, I love you!

What is your favorite horror movie?

Hmmm, that’s a hard question for me. I like horror movies, all types of them, but I think my favorite kind are the old, bad, cheesy, horror B-Movies. I gotta say, although it’s not really a “horror” movie in the traditional sense, Plan 9 From Outer Space is pry my favorite! I just freaking love that movie because it’s just so insanely absurd. I wish all movies were like that…well, maybe not (laughs), then I think they’d lose their charm.

That’s funny because one of my favorite images is of you, Vampira, Lily Munster, and Morticia Adams.

Oh yes! I love that picture!

It’s one of my favorites.

Mine too, I was so happy to be included it that one with those iconic babes!

Speaking of icons, how does it feel to be such an icon to women and cosplayers all over the world? We see fans dress like you at cons, there’s tons of websites and blogs dedicated to everything Elvira, not to mention all of the images people post with quotes on their social media pages.

It feels pretty damn good (laughs)! I’m surprised every time I see something with my face on it or come across another article, tv show, website with Elvira in it. I’m as shocked as anybody at it. I’m like “Wow! I can’t believe this is really happening!”. I mean being such a horror fan and becoming a horror icon is just the best thing that could happen.

What are you working on currently? 

I’ve got an animation project I’m working on, it’s taking a long time thought. I’m also writing my autobiography, so that’s two long term projects I’m working on right now. I do have a TV show coming out around Halloween that I can’t say the name of at this moment. It’s just a one episode reality show, but I can’t say which one it is until they announce it. I’m also getting prepared for Halloween at Knot’s Scary Farm!

Lastly, where can people follow you online to keep up with what’s next for Elvira?

Oh, www.elvira.com! Yes! Please stop by there and friend me on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/TheRealElvira) and follow me on Twitter, @therealelvira! Thank you!

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Interview: Elvira Mistress of The Dark! We recently had the pleasure, no, honor (probably both) of sitting down to interview Cassandra Peterson aka Elvira Mistress of The Dark at this years Wizard World Las Vegas.