no matter how long we are parted for.. I will always be waiting for the one day I get to be in your arms again.

I’m jealous of everything that surrounds you. I’m jealous that the wind gets to tussle your hair and kiss your lips every day, when I can’t. I’m jealous that strangers in the street get to look at your beautiful face; they might not even consciously realise they’re looking at you, but I’d do anything to glance over and physically be like ‘that’s my beautiful girl’. I’m jealous that when you look at the stars, they look back at you and make you smile, and I can’t. I’m jealous of the sun that slowly creeps through your window in the morning and places warmth upon your skin, I wish that was me. I’m so jealous that people get to see you, hear you, smell you, encounter your presence every day - sometimes completely disregarding the little things about you - and I simply can’t. I am jealous.
—  By Tish, for my girl Talie