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Death to Normalcy!

UGH it’s all ruebird's fault. We got talking about Pita Ten and then I went and reread the manga this past week ugh I can't- THE FEELS. This is supposed to be Misha but I think I made her look too old. I've had artblock lately so I only ended up getting this far before giving up. Curse you artblock

Oh well *tosses it into WIP folder*

I received this in the mail today without any warning whatsoever.

Obviously, I freaked out, but then it hit me hard on how much of a sweet person Misha is.

It was my birthday a little while ago and and as a present, I got to go to SDCC with my best friend.

Unbeknownst to me, my dad knows knows a guy who went to college with Misha and had asked him to find me and wish me a happy birthday at the con. Unfortunately, with coffee to hand out and press to do, Misha was unable to say hello (tho I was in the Hall H line so I got to see him).

Feeling bad that he couldn’t see me at SDCC, he sent this signed photo a month later.

No one paid him or pestered him. Misha did this because he’s a kind person and appreciates his fans like no other.

And all of that I found out today when I opened an envelope address to me in purple marker.

Thank you, Misha!