Mermaid-edition {Sentence Starters}
  • "Okay, don't freak out- but I'm actually a mermaid/man."
  • "You don't have to be afraid of me. I only want to see your tail."
  • "I knew I saw something in the water!"
  • "Stay away, you sea monster!"
  • "I heard you sing. It really was the most beautiful sound."
  • "Watch the tail!"
  • "How long were you gonna wait to tell me about the whole I-actually-have-fins thing?"
  • "I noticed you've been hanging around the water a lot, lately. Hoping to find a mermaid or something?"
  • "Let me out of this net!"
  • "Could you teach me how to swim? Cause you seem like an expert."
  • "You can't be real. Things like you aren't real!"
  • "Now do you see why I always like to swim?"
  • "Step out of the water. Let me see."
  • "Don't swim to close to me. My fins might hit you."
  • "Ouch! Your scales are sharp!"
  • "I didn't think creatures like you existed."
  • "You're stepping on my fins!"
  • "Are those scales? Are those actual scales?"

It’s okay, Hewie… He can’t come after us anymore.

… Good boy. Calm down, Hewie it’s over. It’s okay, Hewie… It’s gonna be okay.

Slight Alter Ver. here, which makes more sense in context: [warning: blood, implied animal harm]

Been replaying Haunting Ground, and it’s funny; it’s not really a spectacular game as far as survival horror goes, and the endings are all terrible. But, something just gets me all heart eyes about beautiful blonde female protags with any hint of sarcasm. Also, Daniella is creepy.

Curved Rooftops

Traditional Chinese architecture has curved rooftops because Buddhists believe that the fluid shape helps ward off evil spirits. They believe that ghosts/spirits travel in straight lines. (Source) 


Here’s some random s4 decor for you guys, the painting and the rug have been kicking around my custom creations folder for a while and had been forgotten for a bit, the wall hook and the fish fountain are new, - the fountain is only decor though, not functional unfortunately, if I could figure out how to make it functional I’d be super happy, but it will have to remain quiet for now and be a decorative fountain only, oh well, still looks pretty doesn’t it? :)

As always please use bb.moveobjects cheat code and ALT to move off the grid and number 9 or 0 to move upwards or downwards to place objects on the hook, (bags, hat and coat decor not included).

Category: Buy Mode - Decorations (from left to right) Paintings, Sculpture (wall), Sculpture, Rugs.

Price:§105, §20, §55,§300