Azurite is called the “stone of heaven.” It aids in developing psychic awareness, psychic skills and abilities, enhances intuition, and is said to guide you to be accurate in depicting psychic experiences. It is also an excellent stone for meditation, allowing you to enter a meditative state easily. It can enhance prophesy and divination. Azurite is said to help control energy flow and bring just the right amount of energy to any situation. Azurite is helpful for healing in general, cancer prevention, liver issues arthritis, joint problems, depression, sinuses, skin problems. It will also work to align all of the chakras. Azurite cuts through illusion, use on the third eye to release and transform old patterning and belief systems. Azurite has a soothing effect, enhances psychic abilities.

Azurite Gemstone meaning

Azurite is formed from the oxidation of copper ores. Over time, as it absorbs water, it changes into the mineral malachite. Thus, the two are found together, creating a brilliant deep blue stone with flashes of green.

The dark brilliance of azurite speeds the vibration of energy toward the spiritual realm.

Azurite has a transformative quality that stimulates an increase in communication skills, intuition, creativity and inspiration.

Place azurite on the third eye chakra during meditation. It will open up your inner sight. It is an excellent stone for students who are studying for exams. It helps open the mind and make it more receptive to retaining information.

Healing properties of azurite

  • Liver stimulant

  • Aids detoxification

  • Stimulates brain and nerve activity

  • Encourages growth by stimulating the activity of the thyroid gland

Use with copper to increase the power of azurite.

Sources of azurite

Azurite is found in copper mining areas such as Australia, Chile, the former USSR, Africa, China.

Chakras: All, Frontal, Soul Star, Third Eye, Throat, Thymus, Sixth Chakra

Astrological sign: None, Capricorn, Aquarius, Taurus

Energies: Power, Healing




One of the most grounding stones in use today, pyrite is a conducting, energizing stone that sparks when hit against metal or another stone. It has been used for centuries to increase wealth. It is effective in attracting money to its owner. Used for focus, practicality, logic, memory, clearing fuzzy thinking and scattered thoughts. This grounding stone is associated with the Root, the Spleen/Sacral and the Solar Plexus Chakras. It is useful in helping one to understand (and see) illusions/lack of clarity about situations/people. Great for grounding the Third Eye after meditation/psychic readings/astral travel. The most important gift of Pyrite, though, is its ability to assist in mental capacity. The stimulation of the mind can be enhanced by using Pyrite in conjunction with Fluorite and Calcite. Helps to balance creative and intuitive impulses with scientific and practical ones. Opens communication skills. Strongly suggested for people who tackle large conceptual ideas in business, the arts, or education. Pyrite relieves frustration and anxiety by boosting self worth, confidence and trust. It is a stone of recognition. Helping us to realize just who we are by encouraging self worth. This stone represents the sun’s golden energy, therefore, bringing positive energy. This extremely positive stone ignites our potential, improves our inertia and feelings of inferiority.

Beneficial to the respiratory and circulatory systems. Connected to the transfer of oxygen from the lungs to the bloodstream. Helps the skin protect itself from the elements, and also aids the digestive tract, lessening irritation by ingested toxins. Stomach, intestines, ulcers; sulfur and mineral assimilation, circulation, body acidity imbalances, depression.

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Sphalerite Specimen with Calcite from the Elmwood Mine, Tennessee. 

"Sphalerite is a wonderful grounding stone. It enhances one’s physical energy by helping one draw energy and vitality up from the earth, while releasing excessive energy. It is an excellent stone for regulating the flow of energy in one’s body. Making for greater success in manifestation, clearer thinking and more willpower." - Venusrox 

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