This is how their kiss is gonna be and no one can convince me otherwise TT_____TT OMG I was craving to draw them again. Their kiss, their love and Naruto’s relief, seeing that Hinata is not badly hurt <3 <3 <3

Hope ya like it fellas :P


Esse é como o beijo deles vai ser ser e ninguém vai me convencer do contrário TT_____TT AI JEJUS eu estava com a mão coçando já pra desenhar Naruhina de novo. O beijo dos dois, o amor dos dois e o alívio de Naruto ao ver que Hinata não se feriu gravemente <3 <3 <3

The most epic dashboard coincidence… (Lol you don’t have to post this publicly - I don’t want to piss off the other tumblr user) it’s just appalling to me how people claim something isn’t canon on the basis of their otp not being shown in the movie! I love NH & SS equally but COME ON!


Ahahahaha wow.  Oh screw it, I’m making this public anyway because people need to understand

The animators may have suggested the romance theme of the movie because I do recall seeing a Japanese ad for that. But that doesn’t make a difference, because Kishi confirmed the movie as canon (or as canon as it can be). takL and others have said that Kishi is heavily involved in this movie, more so than the rest. Also because yes, NaruHina is canon in the manga and has been Kishi’s intention for a long time now. According to Hexa, Kishimoto gained the title of "script supervisor" for The Last. Looking at the credits for RtN, it doesn’t seem like he had that title.



Kishi states in this interview:

  • “I will continue creating manga,” he said. “I will release extra ‘Naruto’ episodes next spring.” 
  • “The latest film is a love story,” Kishimoto said. “It will depict what happened between the 699th and 700th manga episodes. I designed the characters and helped make the story.”

The Last = Chapter 699.5. It’s confirmed. And there will also be a special chapter MADE BY KISHI about The Last that will be released in this guidebook to the first million or so people who see the movie:


岸本 斉史
Kishimoto Masashi

Canon. :)

Kishimoto was also present at the preview and commented. Takl said Kishi was constantly red-penciling the movie (he gets his info from staff on twitter) and was heavily involved.  They were rushing to meet the deadline because of Kishi’s constant red-penciling. Takl is a trust worthy source and just reported what the director tweeted.

Just because YOUR OTP didn’t get a moment doesn’t make this film any less canon. Sorry, doesn’t work like that. Look, I like SasuSaku too and I wish the movie would have explained things about other pairings and Sasuke’s arm, etc.  But Kishimoto wanted this film to focus on NaruHina.  He didn’t have to tell SP about his whole ending; only the parts they needed to know.  Please don’t forget there is a part three in spring that could very well answer more questions.

Oh I almost forgot about the part where Kishi said the movie and manga are heavily connected and it’s about romantic love. Add that in there too.