Mine: Star Wars


We’ve seen amazing models, movies, photos, and even rockers and sweaters devoted to the frozen wastes of the planet Hoth and the epic battle which took place there in The Empire Strikes Back. Now feast your eyes on this awesome Star Wars Battle of Hoth gaming table. It’s the work of tabletop/wargaming community Beasts of War, who spent weeks creating the board along with rules for the Battle of Hoth game which will be played in London at Salute 2015, a massive annual UK gaming convention.

“Because they need to travel from Ireland to London with the board, they had to make it all modular. So, it’s basically a white mat with carved Styrofoam sections that sit on the mat. For the miniatures and terrain, they’re using a mixture of gaming minis, Star Wars toys, and terrain pieces from other gaming systems. The results are quite impressive.”

Visit the Beasts of War website for more photos, video and to learn more about how this piece of epic tabletop gaming geekery was created.

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