What is identity? Does identity change in adulthood? Our brilliant guest host Ashley Mardell covers these topics and lets you in on an adulthood secret: YOU control your identity… and you can “keep growing up” when you’re already “grown up.”

Regina has a lot of questions
  • Regina:How long is this road trip?
  • Regina:why are you driving so fast?
  • Regina:where did the wolf come from?
  • Regina:what's Lily up too?
  • Regina:Where have you been hiding that gun?
  • Regina:do I get a gun?
  • Regina:you're not gonna shoot her, are you?
  • Regina:what is happening right now?
  • Regina:why won't you come back with me?
  • she pregnant?
  • Regina:I'm not following any of this plot.

I decided to do an extensive tree cause I was bored and wanted to see if I could do it. I know it looks confusing but seriously this tree is just insane.

I hope I got everything right and didn’t miss anything. Let me know if I did


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Mill Green Museum -- hidden away

Mill Green Museum — hidden away

If you’re near Welwyn Garden City or Hatfield, don’t forget about Mill Green Museum. It’s such a lovely old place. I take my sandwiches there sometimes in the summer and admire the old roses.

Beautiful old roses at Mill Green Museum

From July 16th, they’ll be serving sandwiches and cakes on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday lunchtimes or just take your own and find a quiet corner, of which there…

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July 3rd - Ragwort is one of those plants that everyone recognises, but few ever stop to look at. It’s rather beautiful. This plant was growing in Mill Green, and looked gorgeous as I passed this morning on my way to work. The buds are gorgeously dainty, and the shades and complexity of the flower parts themselves is wonderful.

At this time of year, it provides a welcome boost to the other, fading yellows of the hedgerow and verge.

Another weed that really deserves a bit closer study.

One from the archives. I shot this one of Robbie Fulks in a hidden room in the basement of the Green Mill in Chicago. Al Capone allegedly hid his booze here during Prohibition but in Chicago that’s probably like saying “George Washington slept here”. 

©Jim Herrington

Why, literally why?

Look Robin had to accept his life out there AWAY from Regina for his son. He lived with ONE OF THE MOST POWERFUL WITCHES/ DARK MAGIC PEOPLE and people are saying he isn’t a man of honor because he had sex with his wife who was secretly Zelena. Gosh, do you not think Zelena persuaded him at all to do it, or made him do it. At that time Robin was not going back to Regina so he was trying to face that fact. BUT SERIOUSLY FOR THE WRITERS TO MAKE HER PREGNANT, I FREAKING HAD A PANIC ATTACK BECAUSE I LEGITIMATELY PUT SO MUCH OF MY LIFE INTO THIS SHOW. And Robin was raped. Robin gave consent to his wife, to who he would have to spend the rest of his life with again, NOT ZELENA. And the OQ fandom is hurting SO MUCH RIGHT NOW, WE DONT WANNA PUT UP WITH ROBIN ISNT A MAN OF HONOR BULLSHIT! WE HAVE HAD THE WORST EPISODES THIS SEASON AND YOU GUYS ARENT HELPING. The OQ fandom right now all we have is that they’re soulmates and are destined to be together, which ties into this whole fate thing. AND REGINA IS THE ONLY PERSON ON THAT SHOW WHO DESERVES HAPPINESS BECAUSE SHE HAS WORKED SO HARD AND IT IS NOT THAT EASY TO CHANGE YOUR VIEWS AND TO TAKE AWAY ONE OF THE ONLY THINGS THAT KEPT HER HAPPY IS JUST FREAKING CRUEL.
~Sincerely the Outlaw Queen Fandom

November 19th - Heading out at dawn for a meeting in Telford, before returning at lunchtime. On the way, they sun caught the clouds over Mill Green, and made the sky precious.

A beautiful sunrise, and I was honoured to see it.

In the words of Joni Mitchell ‘it’s coming on winter now’ - the commutes are progressively getting colder and I think before long the frost will be here.

I have no idea why, but this year i’m actually enjoying it.