anonymous said:

I'm scared the scene sex was between Miles and Skye because Chloe said Skye needs sex and Skye talked about her friends from Rising Tide and Mo said like Austin is always with them, he could return. And I don't want an other sex scene between Skye and Miles because I really don't like Miles, he's not a good character, he's boring and not interesting but right now I have a really weird feeling and if it will happen ugh

argh no way, I doubt they really would bring Miles back. Austin is always with them because no offence but he goes where Chloe goes I mean he went to NY instead of Paris with the rest of the OTH cast and hey to each his own, I’m glad Chloe has someone who loves her like that but I feel no use for him to come back?

He’s not really going to offer anymore insight on her past because he’s only known her when they were together, and honestly I doubt Skye really trusts him as a ‘rising tide friend’ after what he did the last time.

And let’s be honest if they’re going to show the Skyemiles relationship as them always freakin having sex when they’re on our screen then it shows they’re really isn’t no plot to their relationship or is really going anywhere. Argh just no I don’t want him back.

In the sure to be tight NFC East the Cowboys get started on the right foot with a win over the Giants. Normally, the bigger the stage the more helpless the Romo but Tony did just fine under the bright New York lights. Romo went 22-29 for a total of 307 yards, 3 TDs and 1 INT. 

The Big D’s De also stepped up in a big way giving up 269 total yards to the defending champs. The new look Dallas secondary appears much improved. The deadly duo of Cruz and Nicks were kept very quiet (Cruz missing plenty of opportunities on his own).

All that said, DeMarco Murray was the most impressive. No touchdowns but 20 rushes for 131 yards. This man runs hard. Violent collisions every time he crossed into Giants territory. I wouldn’t want the job of bringing him down. If he can stay healthy, DeMarco is going to be a force.