Beside you 2014 vs 2012
  • Beside you 2014 vs 2012
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Beside You - 5 Seconds of Summer
Left Ear - (2014 Jimmy Kimmel)
Right Ear - (2012? - Nova Fm)
There’s a guitar solo towards the end of the old version (right) that isn’t in the new version so that part  just cuts out but it continues later.
Wear Earphones

What if michaels eyes just always matched his hair. Like how cool would that be 

like wow

ok this ones a bit grey but its still nice

he could be all matchy matchy with luke

i mean his eyes are already green but…

but just like how cool would that be

yeah a bit fake looking but lbr it looks cool


his eyes are so pretty

I wanted to try out different eyes, mostly central and partial hetrochromatic eyes. I don’t see Raph with any other color than gold -shrug- It just strikes me as predator eyes, like eagles have. And grey eyes are the best because they appear to change color depending on what color you’re wearing.

These aren’t set in stone. They’re subject to change in future paintings.

341 - In ‘The Invasion,’ Mikey was the first to comfort Raph after they lost Splinter because, when they were tots, Raph had a nightmare where lost Leo and Splinter. He went to Mikey’s room and slept with Mikey that night. After that, he never had a bad dream again and made Mikey promise to not tell anyone.

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So many unfinished doodles…so little time. In other news, I’M NOT DEAD! Just got back from three weeks of travel, and hope to draw/post stuff more asap! For now, satisfy yourselves with Leo and Mikey in Disney (where four days of my three weeks was spent), A…break dancing Mikey? An AU Raph I like playing around with in my head, And a SaiNW Raphael, in honor of scarring my three youngest siblings with a blast from the past! 8D They hate me now!

Clash of the mutanimals

Hi fandom. So today the episode we’ve all been waiting for aired. And I wanna say that this episode has probably disaponited me the most in 2012 series. and please don’t get me wrong, it was a pretty good episode. It’s just that with this storyline I expected sooooo much better. If you haven’t watched the episode yet you can watch it here.

From now on there will be 

So, ok. I am going to explain why I felt this way about this episode. 

This episode would have worked much better if it was given more time! I’m sorry, there were some freaking amazing moments there, moments that took my breath away, that I never expected, the animation was gorgeous, the fights were breathtaking and the whole plot line was beyond interesting but how long did it last? Probably a couple of hours. This way when Raph was taken we didn’t get to see any real emotion, something that would make our hearts ache when we finally see Raph turn against his brothers. There was no time given to their reactions. Expect for Leo of course. I mean as soon as Slash took Raph, Leo jumped to the rescue, he didn’t care about the plan, all he wanted is just to get in and get his brother out before something bad happens to him. And that was great! But it would have worked so much better if the conflict at the beginning of the episode was built better. I mean what is the conflict? The fact that Raph’s impulsive and he wants to take down Shredder before he takes them down? And Leo just doesn’t agree. What else is new??? And why doesn’t Leo agree? Because the first time Raph gets a chance to actually stab Shredder Leo just says “Do it!” What was the conflict at the beginning again? The conflict was accomplished in 2 lines. A dialog with 2 lines. that is not enough. Honestly, Leo doesn’t even disagree, he just calls Raph emotional and implusive. Wich he already knew…but he still gets mad anyway. And this attitude is not even what got Raph into trouble! In the end Leo has this speech about how every team needs an implusve hothead somehow resolving the conflict that was never established in the first place. They had this amazing plot line, so many posibilites, but that only lasted for a couple of hours, was not that emotional as it could have been and was absolutly pointless, nobody learnt anything, nothing was resolved, they just made Shredder really angry. And the problem is not that it was just one episode, it was obvious that it was not gonna last more. But this show is so good at fitting so much in just one episode! Look at Slash and Destroy, Follow the leader, Vengeance is mine. These episode had the conflict acomplished in the beginning, wich led to a complication, causing a lot of emotions and closing with am amazing conclusion. And the middle of this episode was great and emoional, the beginning and the end were not wich is why this episode felt like hal baked episode.

But as unhappy as I am I need to point out some amazing stuff that happened in this episode that blew me away!

1. The second Slash hit Splinter Raph and Leo jumped to protect their sensei. Raph feeeling betrayed again and Leo becoming protective again 

2. I mentioned this earlier but Leo forgot evething the second they took Raph. When he saw his brother taken away he just didn’t care about anything else but saving him.

3. Mikey not wanting to leave sensei but he did it anyway because he needs to save his brother

4. The amazing torture scene!!! I GOT CHILLS ALL OVER MY BODY WHEN THAT WORM APROACHED RAPH!!!!! The music, the voice acting it was all wow!

5. “Break free you jerk!” Ok…I can’t explain how much I loved that line. I can’t explain why it hurt me as much as it did, but I’l try. So Leo tried reason, telling Raph to remember who he is, what he’s fighting for, but he’s not listening. So Leo’s tired of his shit and he just tells him to cut the crap and snap out of it already! I mean…I CAN”T EPXLAIN WHY OK??? BUT THIS LINE KILLED ME!!!I IT HAS TO BE ONE OF MY FAVOUTITE SECONDS ON THIS SHOW EVER!!!

6. Leo and Raph fight! EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7. The way Leo knew exactly what to say to Raph to piss him off. He knows how much Raph hates being told what to do.

8. “How is it going, brother?”

9. SHredder VS turtles and mutanimals. HE KICKED ALL THEIR ASSES!!! THIS GUY IS CRAZY!!! I love that they remind us how freaking strong Shredder actually is. He took all 8 mutants with ease!!

10. Shredder’s really pissed now!

11. YOU’RE THE BEST, BRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Honestly tho, I’m not so impressed with season 3 so far. By episode 16 season 2 already blew me away multiple times. And this season is just…fine

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