“When I became a father, my whole sense of God and the Sabbath was redefined. When I look into the eyes of my son, Prince, and daughter, Paris, I see miracles and I see beauty. Every single day becomes the Sabbath. Having children allows me to enter this magical and holy world every moment of every day. I see God through my children. I speak to God through my children. I am humbled for the blessings He has given me.” Michael Jackson

MRJ’s message after this petition reached it’s goal.

I have to say that I am proud to be his fan. He seems like such a great person, always so grateful and always trying to help others. I’m so glad we were able to pull together and help the petition reach 100,000 signatures, let’s keep supporting Mikey and this and cause and hope that what we did today will make a difference in Ryan and other children’s lives! :) 


Hey, guys!! My sister, Erika, needs some help. A cyst was found in her brain that needs to be removed through brain surgery. Brain surgery is incredibly expensive and she doesn’t have the money for it. She’s trying to raise money through a fund page.

She’s also in a very difficult position so here’s some back story: My father and our mother got divorced 14 years ago. My father got custody of my brother, Michael, and I who are both his children while my mother got custody of Erika and our sister, Vicki, who are my mother’s children from another marriage. I didn’t talk much with my sisters after the divorce because we were young and were living our own lives. We reconnected after I found out about the brain surgery and she told me that our mother was very verbally, emotionally, and sometimes physically abusive towards my sisters. So, my sister has been living on her own since she was 18, having to fend for herself and take care of herself without any parents or relatives. My father has reconnected with her, too, and donated a lot of money, but she still needs more.

Erika is such an incredible, caring, and strong woman. Due to the cyst, she has been having many seizures, is physically incapable of working, which makes getting money even harder, and is can’t move much because she’s in so much pain. It really breaks my heart that I can only donate and help her so much especially since she lives far away from me. I’ve been talking to her a lot and giving a lot of moral support and advice, but this is really the biggest thing I can do for her right now since she really needs the money.

If anyone could donate any amount of money that would be incredibly helpful and Erika, Vicki, my family, and I would appreciate it so much!! If you can’t donate, could you at least reblog this to pass it around? Her surgery is in a few weeks so there’s not much time!! Thank you guys so much!!



People say I’m strange that way because I love such elementary things. It’s been my fate to compensate for the childhood I’ve never known.~Michael Jackson

Wendy’s Adventure in Neverland

One night Peter Pan came to the house of Michael, John, and Wendy Darling looking for his shadow.  The children’s parents were out and Peter Pan and his fairy friend Tinkerbell slipped into the house to retrieve Peter’s shadow. They quickly found it, but reattaching was the tricky part. The commotion that Peter made trying to get his shadow back on woke up Wendy. She was more than a little alarmed to see a young boy sitting on the floor of her room.  Wendy reached for one of her little brother’s wooden swords and stood ready to attack “who are you?” she posed the question once she pointing the sword at the boys neck.  
Peter Pan cocked his head to look up at her “Well I’m Peter Pan and I’ve only come to take what’s mine.” He said referring to his shadow.  Wendy had told stories of Peter Pan to her younger brothers and knew of Neverland. She kept the sword pointed at him, until she saw no threat.
“I will help you attach your shadow and in return you will take me to Neverland.” Wendy smirked and then set the sword down.  She sewed the Shadow to Peter and then stood up smiling. “Now you will take me to Neverland along with my brothers.”
Soon the five of them were headed to Neverland. While the boys were thinking of pirates and Indians, Wendy was dreaming of a place where boys and men didn’t dictate how she acted and lived. It wasn’t long until their flight to Neverland was over. Tinkerbell had flown ahead of the others and told the Lost Kids about Wendy and her brothers. She was excited to welcome their new friends.
Peter toured Wendy and her brothers around Neverland. He showed her the blue lagoon where mermaids and mermen lived. Then he showed them the Indians and from afar they looked at the pirate ships.
Peter talked of how the pirates were trying to take over Neverland but that he wouldn’t let them. Then he told Wendy that he wanted her here to be the Lost Kids and his mother.
“You see Wendy, we need someone to tell us stories, give us medicine, wash our clothes, and cook us food while we are out fighting pirates.” Wendy raised an eyebrow at Peter.
“Just because I’m a girl does not mean that I want to be a mother. I will also not be stuck in the house while you go on adventures. I don’t mind putting in equal work, but I will not be the only one doing house work. You boys are all capable of doing this work.”  Wendy said with her arms crossed over her chest. She didn’t like to be told what to do, especially by a boy.
Peter wasn’t sure how to respond to Wendy “but that’s what I brought you here for you silly girl.” He turned and walked out of the tree house.  As he walked out, he walked straight into a trap set by the pirates, luckily Tinkberbell was there to see what happened. Quickly Tink went to tell Wendy.
Wendy soon devised a plan to help get Peter back. She wasn’t afraid of pirates. Wendy talked with the Indians, Lost Kids and merpeople to help her get Peter back. She planned that the merpeople would make waves to rock the boat and then Indians would shoot arrows while the Lost Kids and Wendy would fly to rescue Peter with Tinkerbells help.
The plan went off without a hitch. Wendy saved Peter and sent Captain Hook running from the ticking crocodile. As they got back to the tree house, Peter was shaking his head.
“You know I misjudged you Wendy. You can do anything a guy can do.” Peter sighed “I’m sorry for trying to limit you to just house work. I would have never thought that everyone in Neverland could play an equal part in my rescue and defeating Captain Hook.”
Wendy smiled and nodded “Women are just as capable as men. Really you should also be thanking Tinkerbell. Without her we wouldn’t have been able to fly to get you and wouldn’t have known you were taken.”
So that was the tale of the time that Wendy saved Peter Pan. He realized that to keep the pirates at bay they had all needed to be treated equally and have equal roles in the protection of Neverland. Wendy, Michael, and John didn’t stay in Neverland . Wendy realized that if she could change the way thing worked in Neverland then she could also change the way the world viewed women.  She knew she must grow up and teach people the same lessons she’d taught to Peter and the Lost Kids in Neverland. Sometimes she leaves her window open in hopes that her friend Tinkerbell or Peter Pan might come back and tell her stories of the harmony of Neverland.

I changed a couple aspects to the story of Peter Pan.  First off I changed that Peter invites Wendy to Neverland and completely removed the part of the kiss. I thought Wendy should have been a little concerned when a random boy showed up in her room. Wendy deserved to be more clever, a trait that is usually attributed to men.  In the Disney version, Tinkerbell hates Wendy. The competition between women is depicted through Tink’s hate for Wendy. In my version Tinkerbell admires Wendy and even helps her. The two become friends even.  In the Disney version, the blue lagoon is filled with only mermaids who are jealous of Wendy and are shown trying to drown her. I changed the Lost Boys to Lost Kids to show that girls have the same feelings and aspirations as boys. They can leave home be rough and wild. The mermaids are also not wearing much, in some cases just their hair. In my version I added in mermen to even the odds.  Lastly, instead of Wendy or Tigerlilly getting captured, I had Peter get captured. Wendy shows her cleverness and intelligence when she gets everyone to work together to save Peter and defeat the pirates.  I wanted to have Wendy not only stand up for women and show their capability, but to also show the capability of the other ‘races’/factions in Neverland. I really wanted to bring in the feminist ideal of equality into the story  and switch up the masculine and feminine roles.

Why I Run: Michael Rose, PharmD ‘15

The Boston Marathon is a treasured tradition in our city, and Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (MCPHS) students, faculty, and staff are proud to contribute to this prestigious event. From volunteering to running, our community has the privilege of being part of an event that brings people together.

For one member of the MCPHS community, the Boston Marathon represents the culmination of both athletic goals and an unwavering dedication to improving the lives of those living with cancer. Michael Rose, PharmD ‘15 is running the Boston Marathon as part of the Miles for Miracles Team at Boston Children’s Hospital for the third time this year. Over the past three years, Michael has personally raised $20,000 for Children’s Hospital, and his team has raised nearly $5 million.

We talked with Michael about what the Boston Marathon means to him, why he runs for the Miles for Miracles Team at Boston Children’s Hospital, and the very special people who inspire him to run harder and faster every day.

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Happy birthday Paris 💜 Michael would be so happy and proud of you.. It really makes me sad knowing Michael isn’t here for his children. I cried last night thinking about how happy Michael would be to see all of these important milestones in his child’s lives… Happy 17th birthday 💕

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You're a dumb fuck if you actually think Michael Jackson would harm a child.

Did I ever even post about that? 😂 although I do think Michael Jackson was guilty I don’t think I ever posted about that but I think it’s kind of ignorant to deny the suffering of like 40 kids because a pop star abused them. If it was likes. Regularly guy America would be going nuts but because it’s Michael Jackson that act like it’s okay or something like no that still doesn’t make it okay honestly your kind of the dumb fuck here for believing Michael loved children he just used them as pawns in his weird obsession with children and youth. Seriously that’s like saying jerry Sandusky loved children which I mean they weren’t all that different they both had “little friends” they hung out with and had sleepovers with children only difference is Michael bribed people to get out of prison sweetie :) he manipulated and used people just because he’s a celebrity doesn’t mean it’s okay please read a book it’s clear he is 1000% guilty of his crimes


Sean Maguire plays Robin on Once Upon A Time. He is 38 years old and is married to Tanya Flynn. They are expecting a child.

His secret: UP TO PLAYER

Sean Martin Michael Maguire was born on April 18, 1976 in the town of Ilford in the county of Essex in the United Kingdom. He is one of six children; his siblings are Darren, Ciaran, Michael, Ellie and Katherine Maguire. Sean began acting at the age of five in John Mortimer’s autobiographical television adapted film A Voyage Round My Father. At eleven, he became well known as Terence “Tegs” Ratcliffe in the British television drama Grange Hill from 1998 to 1992 followed by his appearance in British soap opera EastEnders asAidan Brosnan. Briefly, in 1994, Sean pursued a singing career with his debut album entitled Sean Maguire, which continued through into 1996 to include both a second album and a compilation album in 1998. Overseas, he was well received in the 2008 American spoof filmMeet the Spartans.
He is married to Tanya Flynn. On January 20th of 2015, Sean announced his wife’s pregnancy

The role of Sean Maguire is OPEN