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In honour of today's glorious lets play, King Gavin prompt?

((You know what Anon? I think that that’s a brilliant idea! XD One King Gavin drabble coming right up! And it was yesterday but I worked yesterday. XD))

Atop the throne, grinning ear to ear and with one golden boot across the other, Gavin leaned casually in his seat. He had traded in his casual creeper-green tunic and pants for a more regal outfit. With his crown upon his brow, his newly made emerald green cape hugging his shoulders and his silken tunic and pants, he made quiet the picture as he surveyed his newly obtained kingdom with undisguised glee. And his newly obtained subjects.

Below him, some staring up at their new king with joy and others with contempt and barely disguised hatred, Micheal, Ray, Geoff, Jack, and Ryan awaited their king’s commands. Gavin stared down at them for some time, simply enjoying the view from the top, before he finally stood and clapped his hands together.

"Well then," he called out gleefully, his smile growing wider when he saw Ryan flinch slightly at the sound of his voice. "Isn’t this a sight? All of my little subjects all neat and tidy in a row. Like ducklings!"

Ray and Michael let out twin laughs at the description while Jack and Geoff merely rolled their eyes at the young king. Ryan was the only one who remained tense. Gavin watched the former king for a moment, taking in his tense stance and twitching eyes.

Then he turned back to his other four subjects. “So my little ducklings,” he continued, starting down the royal red steps. “As your newly appointed king, I do believe that there are going to be some changes around here and I expect for you to agree with them all.”

Reaching the bottom step and stepping towards a waiting chest, Gavin motioned with one hand and Ray and Michael scurried over to him. Ray rocked slightly on the balls of his feet while Michael stood tall and strong, one hand resting on the handle of his iron sword. Both had knowing smirks on their faces as they waited for Gavin to speak.

"My new knights," Gavin announced, placing a hand on both of their shoulders. "And personal guards. Sir Ray and Sir Mogar."

Gavin then reached into the chest and pulled out two gleaming diamond swords, shined to perfection. He handed them both to his new knights and continued with, “You will find your new armor waiting for you in your houses when you return home.”

Ray and Michael’s smirks grew as they took the swords and they proudly placed themselves on either sides of Gavin, heads held up high. Ryan felt a shiver run down his spine as Michael stared at him with a feral looking grin, hand gripping his new sword’s handle, and he tried to swallow down his panic. Gavin wouldn’t dare…

'Would he?'

Gavin then gestured again and Jack and Geoff came up to him next. “My architect,” Gavin said, reaching into the chest and pulling out a beautiful diamond pickaxe. “And ambassador to the neighboring kingdoms, Sir Jack.”

Jack grinned as he took the pickaxe and gave it a quick practice swing. It was obviously enchanted for it was as light as a feather. “Thank you my Lord,” Jack said, bowing to his king before he went over to stand besides Ray.

"And Sir Geoff," Gavin giggled, Geoff crossing his eyes and making a fool of himself. "My most trusted adviser…"

He reached into the chest and pulled out another diamond sword. This time however, it was clear that it was different than Michael or Ray’s swords. It was slender and nearly transparent, with beautiful carvings adorning the handle.

"And my most trusted friend," Gavin finished, handing the sword to Geoff. The older man took it with a proud smile and he reached out to pull Gavin into a one-armed hug.

"May your reign last centuries, my boy," Geoff whispered into Gavin’s ear and Gavin held out his father in all but blood for a long moment before he released him.

As Geoff moved over to stand with Michael, Gavin turned his sights to Ryan. The man was stock-still as he gazed up at Gavin with red hot hatred. Gavin smiled at the face of such anger and chuckled when he placed a hand on Michael’s shoulder.

They all knew what was going to happen now.

"And as for you, Mad King," Gavin said softly, quietly so that Ryan would have to focus on him to listen. "What oh what to do with you?"

The Fool King continued to smile as he rested his head against Michael’s shoulder, trusting his knight to remain steady. “Such a wild little duckling you are,” he cooed, his tone thick with sarcasm. “I suppose that we could find some use for you.”

Ryan swallowed again and tried to keep himself still. He would not cower in front of this pathetic excuse for a king. He would not bow down to a fool and everyone knew it.

Gavin hummed softly before he turned and made his way back up the stairs without a word, Geoff following him up but the rest remaining below, their eyes on Ryan.

Sitting back in his throne, Gavin took in a deep breath. “Ryan Haywood,” he proclaimed, voice carrying over the court. “For your crimes during your reign of terror and madness, I sentence you to death. By the hands of those you once ruled over.”

Ryan didn’t hesitate. Without waiting for them to make the first move, Ryan turned and ran straight from the courtyard and into the wilds, towards the city. Neither Gavin nor Geoff batted an eyelash at the sudden escape, having already expected it.

His sickly sweet grin still in place, Gavin held a hand up in the air and instantly had all eyes on him.

"Let’s give the mad, little duckling a heads start gentlemen," he said happily, his smile growing wider as he watched Michael nearly vibrate in place with excitement. Beside him, Ray and Jack looked just as eager to hunt down the former king.

Gavin waited for a moment. And then, after a tiny nod from Geoff, he made a swift cutting motion with his hand.

"First to bring me Ryan’s head wins," he cried and watched with pleasure as his subjects all raced out of the courtyard.

This was going to be top.

((XD I couldn’t help it! I love Fool King Gavin being all awesome! Hope that you liked it Anon!))

Say It Slow [1/?]

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Rated: T (subject to change), Warnings: None

Summary: Mavin

Author’s note: I’ll give summaries starting next chapter because I kind of want this to be a surprise. It’s really difficult to write this note because I’m losing my motor skills. I’m getting really angry at myself trying to name this so I’m writing the note to pass the time

Words: 2,583

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