Fireball from Outer Space

Visualizing 606 eye-witnessed meteorites landing on Earth over the past 100 years. An awesome interactive infographic. Scroll through the decades to see what time had the most impacts or click on a country to see when they were hit, or at least when we documented an impact.

Here is another interesting visualization of meteor impacts, which is where the gif came from.


BREAKING NEWS: Meteorite Explodes Over Russian City, Hundreds Injured

A meteor or meteorite exploded over the city of Chelyabinsk, Russia this morning, reportedly injuring hundreds of people. As of right now, there are no confirmed deaths in the city of roughly 1 million people, but officials are still assessing the situation.

The number of injuries so far varies from 100 to roughly 400, most caused by shattered window glass.

According to experts, the event is not connected with asteroid DA12, which is projected to pass within the orbit of geosynchronous satellites. That particular rock is, by all reliable accounts, expected to miss the Earth entirely later today.


That final image of Lifestream rising against Meteor will live with me forever - reminiscent almost of the Second/Third Impact from NGE, this event went on to shape the world forever. Relive that final emphatic moment with this new poster, and keep the dream alive … 

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Libyan Desert Glass from the Libyan Desert near the border with Egypt. This 26 million year old yellowish glass is thought to be a result of a meteorite impact or aerial burst. It’s chemical and physical characteristics are unlike any other natural glass on Earth and suggests an association with a meteoritic origin. Gas bubble inclusions are commonly seen in Libyan desert glass.