“I was born in 1969 and I live in Thessaloniki, Greece, since then. I am a professional graphic designer and also teach Graphic Design and Visual communication at AKTO College. My contact with the photography field began in 1989, mostly as a hobby and because a friend of mine who was a photographer, Yannis Krikis, was a strong influence to me. Ever since that time I keep taking pictures and the reason is totally personal. It just makes me feel nice. When, sometimes, my pictures create emotions and become a matter of discussion to viewers that I haven’t met before, then I feel happy.

I am available as a freelance photographer.”

Space Ghost Rogues Gallery:  Metallus

Metallus threatens to destroy Earth unless Space Ghost surrenders to him.  Once inside Metallus’ secret lair, our hero activates its self destruct mechanism and flies away, leaving Metallus to die in the explosion.  Dead or alive:  it doesn’t matter to Space Ghost!

James LaBrie On The Future Of Dream Theater!

Dream Theater’s James LaBrie had a chat with in Italy recently. Covering their most recent self-titled album (and proving to the world that they haven’t lost anything by releasing it!), what The Enemy Inside explores and how it came together, how Mike Mangini has fit into the band and what their plans are for the future.

Check it out below!