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Video Game Typography by Kody Christian [Me]

"Welcome to Mario Kart 17, where you can pick every single variation of your favorite main characters! Why settle for useless characters like Birdo or Diddy Kong when you can pick sure values like PINK GOLD PEACH? Shut up and give us your money already!”

So yeah, I’m not really complaining about the presence of Metal Mario and Pink Gold Peach in Mario Kart 8, I’m just poking fun at what it might come to if Nintendo keeps the same path (which they won’t… won’t they?). My bets are on Angsty Teen Mario.

Also, please don’t hate me for putting Luigi back to his place.

(if you have trouble seeing this in full screen, download it from here)


Part of the “Fangamer ♥ Attract Mode" gaming & art show, opening August 30th during PAX. More info HERE.

Artwork by Elise TiffinKyle Fewell, Drew Wise, Matthew Kenyon, Mellisa KingGina Chacón, Nina Matsumoto, Wes TalbottKelly Smith & Winter