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do you know what would happen to a disabled calf if it was born in captivity? like, what would seaworld/other companies do with it?

They have such trouble keeping even healthy cetaceans alive I doubt it would last long. This does happen though, mostly due to SeaWorld’s established practice of inbreeding. Maybe one of our whale followers has more info? -C

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what would I have to do to get David Duchovny to text me during dinner with his kids?

idk i think your choices are

1. be in a very ambivalent workplace-marriage with him for almost a decade, not talk to him for years, fly across the ocean to see his play, forgive him for any perceived contentious bones you have between you, do all the calling and planning for your occasional lunches and breakfasts (*assumed by author), and relentlessly compliment him on Twitter


2. be related to him

(or both?)

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why did bonnie switch universes? like going from 1994 to 1903. how did it happen? and why was it the year 1903 she got transferred to? and most of all - the salvatore house... was it random and just oh so happened to be that way or did she somehow get sent there?

Kai was sick in 6x15 and he is the leader of the Gemini coven now, and the members of the gemini coven are the ones who created the prison worlds. If Kai dies, all the members of the conven dies and so the prison worlds would cease to exist.

Bonnie was trying to go back home. But because of Kai’s sickness the various prison worlds were sort of colliding, that’s why Bonnie for a short time was in the prison world of 1903. I don’t think there’s a particular reason why she ended up in 1903 - except the fact that the storyline is going to reveal things about Mama Salvatore and the writers decided to put her in a prison world of that year.

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Peter and Sirius have stashes of sweets all over the school and they're super secretive about it but Remus caught on quite quickly and takes great pleasure in eating all their chocolate frogs.

YES like every time one of them do something to annoy him he’ll eat some of their sweets. not enough to give the game away completely but enough to make them suspicious and paranoid. 

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Could you please recommend some blogs mainly about history books, and anything else that is not YA novels becuse i follow way many of that.. P.s: English is not my first language

I would really recommend that you follow dukeofbookingham. :D

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marauder headcanon lily discovered a secret passage that the marauders hadn't found yet bc she's smart as hell and then they all put it on the map Together

omg that would truly be the day the rest of the marauders knew she was The One for james tbh

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I'm not sure if you're an anime fan, but the Ranger Corps sorta remind me of the Survey Corps from Attack on Titan? Green cloaks, badassery... What do you think? (=ワ=)ノAU where Will's parents were eaten by a titan or something? First ask, idk... ^^;

I don’t watch SNK but I know of it, yeah. And lol I watch sports anime but nothing violent like snk. BUT I have drawn this before and people have definitely talked about SNK/RA crossover because it would fit so perfect… 

WHOA I didn’t consider the Will’s parents being eaten!! WHOA. Perfect. Love it!!!!

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lilo for the regular one

  • Who made the first move: Nobody actually and truly knows. They both swear they have no idea how they ended up making out in Liam’s bunk. It just happened. It happened and we’re here, so let it go. (It was totally Louis)
  • Who said ‘I love you’ first: Liam was the first one to say it to the other knowingly, but it was technically Louis, whispering into Liam’s hair after they fell asleep cuddling watching Fast and the Furious 5.
  • How often they fight: Constantly. But jokingly in that ‘we’re best friends who take the piss out of one another and sometimes we kiss’ kinda way.
  • Whose big spoon/little spoon: Liam is big spoon, Louis is little spoon and I don’t want to hear a word about it. It’s not my fault you’re built like a Tonka truck, Liam.
  • What their nicknames are for each other: Asshole. Dick. Donut. Prick. Dipshit. Turd. Love. Babe.
  • Whose the better cook: Louis, but only because Liam is absolute shit and burns toast most days. (In an endearing sort of way, Li, promise.)
  • Their song: "You & Me" by Disclosure ft. Eliza Doolittle (because Liam loves EDM and Louis loves Eliza’s singer-songwriter style and it represents the two of them coming together as completely different but not all that different and making something absolutely beautiful that’s all theirs)
  • Who remembers their anniversaries: both of them. But Liam makes a conscious effort to remember while Louis pretends like he doesn’t just to watch Liam squirm and putter around the house like a kicked puppy.
  • Their favorite thing to do together (besides sex): Fifa. All day championship matches every Saturday. They even made a trophy that the winner gets to keep for the week. Bragging rights is probably the best gift they could ever give each other.
  • Who ‘wears the pants’ in the relationship: Louis. Honestly. Sometimes he lets Liam pretend he’s in charge, but come on.
  • How they would get engaged: Super simple. In the middle of a Fifa match. All the other lads are over. Liam’s laughing too hard at something Niall said and orange soda is coming out of his nose. Louis leans over to pass him a napkin and says we should probably get married. Liam blanches and stares at him like this isn’t the most random proposal of all time. Louis nods like he’s finally sure of himself, I’m free Tuesday. And Liam laughs and knocks their shoulders together like okay and returns to the game. Meanwhile Harry and Zayn are staring at each other like what the hell just happened?
  • What their wedding would be like: Family and friends only. Quiet. In a garden, probably in someone’s backyard. A celebration of life and love with the people who matter the most to them. Somebody gets pushed into the pool. (Most likely Liam. Who pulls Louis down with him. Just like they’ve always been - together.)
  • How many kids they’ll have: 4 - 3 girls, 1 boy. As if your family tree needed more estrogen, Lou. Uh, I’m sorry, I’m not the one who tried to sneak Paige out of the foster home under his jacket.

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headcanon that the longbottoms were actually a few years older than james & lily and they would all look up to the frank & alice tbh

yesssss like frank and alice were DEFINITELY the lily and james of their year. i like to think alice and lily would have been friends and after alice left hogwarts she would still come down and get lunch in hogsmeade with lily sometimes and catch up and give her advice and stuff, and lily was super keen to hear about her auror training and what not 

Boo! Sorry for my inactivity.

So, I’ve decided to start fresh. My laptop seems to be acting really slow =.=’ Well, I noticed.. it still had 30GB left of.. the 400………. Maker knows what I have on my laptop… so, I’m going to completeelyy eraaseee it all~~ 

Also, BB again to my sims xD I’ll be completely starting over, which is no problem.. because I’ve no on going stories =3= … However, my sims will get … changes.. It depends on if I find their correct cc and or if I think they just need a make over. 

I gotta back up my other games too .. And all my pictures.. and this.. and that… yea… but not everything. I’ve noticed I’ve quite some trash… 

Before I do this.. I go in game once more.. to do 1 testshot which I completely forgot to do… =3= so yes.. I’m currently focussing on backing everything up and do the big clean as soon as possible. 

Thank you for being patiently with me.. ^^

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Since they turned into vampires, Damon and Stefan have gone in a loop of hating each other and wanting each other dead, to being incredibly close and doing what ever it takes to make the other happy. This theme of brotherhood is HUGE in VD, especially once Elijah and Klaus joined in served as an incredible parallel for the Salvatore brothers. The show started with the brother at odds with each other, and anyone that they have known or loved in their past long gone or dead. The show could (Con't)

(Con’t) easily end the way it began- with the two brothers at odds, with everyone they love long gone or dead. The cycle of vampire brotherhood continues. It would be a horrible way for it to happen, but very plausible. Showing that the price of immortality is the lost of all that makes you human. And what makes you human more than the people you share your life with? (Just a thought, not sure how much I believe in it)

It’s an interesting theory. Honestly, I think the writers want to do the “opposite”. I mean, at the beginning of the show the brothers hate each other, and to me the show is (among other things) their journey to become close again. There will be ups and downs… but to me they will end up the show loving each other or anyway in a very good place, a place where they “re-discover” family. Even in the case that one of them will die (hopefully not), I think they will have reached a place where they are truly brothers.

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Hey saw the donation books thing going around. If you're in philly, you should totally check out Books through Bars. 47th and Baltimore. They take donations. Volunteers match up books with prisoner interest. Volunteers also are needed to pack up books to send to jails etc. books through bars. org / donate/ books / has the guidelines for what they take and what they are looking for.

Hello, that’s fantastic, we will check them out! Thank you for letting us know. :D

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or lily getting starting to get lessons right after her birthday in janruary of sixth year because her parents wanted to pay for her lessons like they paid for petunia's and why not? she's lily evans she can pull it off. so every saturday she goes off to the nearest muggle village and has the most awkward conversations with her muggle driving instructor trying to cover up her hogwarts life etc

(+ idk if she and sirius would have been friends yet at this point but if they were he would def try and ruin it. turning up at the village and just casual chatting with her instructor like ‘yes don’t you think how cars work is JUST like MAGIC’ and lily is just losing it on a weekly basis)

hahahhahaha yes omg. and he’s laughing at lily for wanting to drive when she could just apparate everywhere, but then he sees someone driving away on a motorbike and he needs one and thats how the motorbike came to be. and when he starts taking lessons lily DEFINITELY returns the favour 

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Regarding the voicemail: Watching the Dropbox video, once Tim puts the phone to her ear, I'm pretty sure Gillian's lips affirm she's saying "Sweetie," followed by a word or words involving an i and s sound—probably something along the lines of "Sweetie, it is (me or true implied)," or even "Sweetie, it's Gills," though I don't see anything in the movement of her mouth to indicate the hard g sound required for the latter.


like I can barely make out expressions and that’s even on the Dropbox video