Doran submits demolition requests for Dinkytown properties

Doran Companies has submitted demolition applications for three Dinkytown properties near the University of Minnesota, with plans to build a mixed-use hotel.

The bulk of the hotel would be on two of the plots, which now house Mesa Pizza , Camdi Restaurant, Dinkytown Tattoo Shop, Publika Tea and Coffee Union and the University LifeCare Center. The Minneapolis Heritage Preservation Commission could block the project if it deems the buildings historical resources when it meets to hear the applications Jan. 21.

A report from the Minneapolis Department of Community Planning and Economic Development on the applications said none of the three properties “appear eligible” for local historical designation. The report recommended the HPC approve the applications for demolition.

“I think the staff’s recommendation is consistent with the facts,” Doran said. “I understand some people out there will be upset about this … because they have this view that nothing in Dinkytown should change. We have a different view. We think that adding a hotel in Dinkytown is a positive addition to the area.”

The third property is a single-family home adjacent to Burrito Loco . The house, built in 1887 , would serve as a shared parking area for the hotel, Doran said.

Doran said Wednesday that the plan is to open the hotel in summer 2015 if approved.

story via MN Daily, photo by TC Daily Planet

I want to know how this person’s experiment at the Mesa Pizza in Dinkytown turned out. The guy who sold me my mac'n'cheese slice said most of the participants so far had taken the camera into the bathroom for dickpics, adding, “Good thing it’s waterproof.”

I had pizza tonight.

It was no ordinary pizza. It was Mesa Pizza… pizza.

How have I never eaten from there before. My life has been changed forever. It was like tasting of God for the first time, but replace that whole Holy Spirit thing with pizza. But really, something shifted in the spiritual realm. This pizza had mashed potatoes and bacon and cajun chicken. It was like eating edible joy and romance.

In all honesty and maturity, freaking best pizza ever.

Checked off the Twin Cities bucket list today:

- mass at the St. Paul Cathedral

- shopping at the St. Paul Farmer’s Market (much more strict about local produce than the Minneapolis market)

- grabbed a slice at Mesa Pizza

- dinner at Brasa, the much talked-about rotisserie restaurant that I’ve been wanting to try forever! My favorite things we got were the chicken (with some type of delicious herb aioli), smoked BBQ beef, yellow rice with black beans, and roasted yams with andouille. My family loved it, I’m thinking I should take Page there too!

It’s fun having an excuse to play tourist in Minneapolis while my family is here :)