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Jamie Dornan, hotter than ever!! [b👀ty]

Francesco Lachowski.


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Selena is not FAT !! Ugh this world is so fucked up :| it makes me wanna kms

Kim Kardashian, even if you don’t like her, you have to recognize she’s a fashion icon, and a very hot fashion icon. 😏

Wow, Theo James 😉🔥🔥

Hi Justin … Love your red sweat … BTW I’m talking alone 😂😂

First of all …

Learning this on guitar made me relive it, well done to Green Day on their induction to the rock and roll hall of fame :)

The incredible Alessandra Ambrosio !!!!

Taylor Swift 😏
( dressandhype )

Take a pic please !


GET TO KNOW ME MEME: [4/10] favorite animated movies » mulan
↳“The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all.”


happy no shame day!! wow this is scary tbh i don’t know what to write ha.

i’ve been living with asperger’s/autism for just about all my life so far. it was really hard whilst i was really young and i could barely cope, then i was diagnosed with autism when i was around 9 (along with a sleep disorder with a complicated name i can never remember). then, only a few weeks ago actually, i was diagnosed with anxiety (even tho i’d known for months and months), and i think i have depression but im way too scared to tell my mum.

i’ve had to stop myself from writing out a huge story here bc otherwise i’d make myself cry lmao. i’ve missed out so much here but yeah happy no shame day everyone!! :-)