Megstiel week

sorry i left early, angel
it’s how the cards were dealt
try not to miss me too bad, Clarence
and watch out for yourself

and fuck the ones who doubt you, angel
hell and heaven both
but baby, don’t die lonely
make ‘em miss you when you go

go down fighting when you go down 
don’t let 'em drag it out
go out on a high note, angel
make me fuckin’ proud

this life is just a slow death, Clarence
but we earned a death or two
you by being bad but bravely
me by loving you

Yeah, I might hate love
and angels, baby
but I don’t hate loving you

April 5th - April 11th!

Post/Share fan fiction, graphics, gifs, aus, edits, and/or whatever you’d like to celebrate our adoring angel and demon! Just remember to tag your work with #megstiel week so that we all see it! And of course, remember to have fun!

Day 1 [April 5th]: When you started shipping them.
Day 2 [April 6th]: Favourite scene(s).
Day 3 [April 7th]: Favourite quote(s).
Day 4 [April 8th]: Favourite platonic scene(s).
Day 5 [April 9th]: Megstiel + your emotions.
Day 6 [April 10th]: Megstiel + a song that makes you think of them.
Day 7 [April 11th]: Free choice.

FOR WRITERS (one word prompts):
Day 1 [April 5th]: Kiss.
Day 2 [April 6th]: Heaven.
Day 3 [April 7th]: Hell.
Day 4 [April 8th]: Dystopia.
Day 5 [April 9th]: Memory.
Day 6 [April 10th]: Sin.
Day 7 [April 11th]: Free choice.

skittythegreat asked:

They found little opportunities to be together. Behind a gas station while Dean was filling up. Against the door to the bunker with the wards burning her back and making her claw at him all the more. And, sin of all sins, the backseat of the impala, as Sam and Dean slept just inside the run down motel. Meg loved those nights the most and, more than once, Cas had been forced to sit in silence as the boys fought over which of them was responsible for the black lace bra shoved into the glovebox.