TFP MegOP what-if

Yo imagine if like, for a long time Orion had been working up the gumption to tell Megatron how he felt but it ended up coming out at literally the worst time? And the situation doesn’t wrap up all pretty with a bow on top, no, Megatron is literally something like: “What the FUCK Orion, don’t tell me heavy shit like that I am way too pissed/stressed rn!” because life isn’t a romcom and whatnot.

So picture the immediate aftermath of that fateful day before the council. Orion had onlined that morning thinking: “Yes. Today is the day– I will say it. We will all be so proud, and then I’ll just… tell him.” (Woo yes honey, breathe Orion, you got this bby.)

But then, shit, Orion comes out of that meeting long after Megatron stormed away. They want him to become a candidate for the Primacy. They want him to… no, this isn’t how it’s supposed to be! He can’t do this…right? He can’t…

He didn’t know what he was expecting, but somehow a tiny portion of his spark had hoped Megatron would stick around for him, sulking out of sight in the shadows. He could really use some support right now.

But Megatron isn’t there.

Orion has a good idea of where the find him however, and sets off to their usual place. He needs to tell him; he needs to tell him… so many things…

But when he gets there, Soundwave has stood up and blocked his path.

“Soundwave, what is the meaning of this?” Orion says, careful not to show his frustration.“I must speak to Megatronus.”

“Orion Pax: untrustworthy.” Soundwave replies, unwavering. Orion swears he can hear a hint of bitterness in his tone. Despite this, he squares himself, standing up straighter to better look Soundwave in the… faceplate. (To the best of his ability)

“Soundwave. Please.” Orion says evenly, “It is important.”

“Important.” Megatron snorts and parrots mockingly somewhere behind Soundwave.

“Yes, I–”

“Our values are vastly different, Orion Pax. What you deem as ‘important’ is, quite frankly, of no interest to me right now.”

Orion has nothing to say to that. He knows he shouldn’t press, so he waits for whatever Megatron will say next.

“I should have known.” Seeing this becoming a conversation, Soundwave steps aside enough so that Orion can see Megatron, but does well to keep a servo in place to prevent access.

“I should not have expected the council to see so far beyond their own cast. Entitlement has bred ignorance–”

“–And ignorance has bred fear, misunderstanding…” Orion supplies. It’s a bad move on his part because Megatron’s head shoots up to glare at him from where he is seated.

“Misunderstanding or not, my message was clear. This is quite the setback. I see now that the council cannot be reasoned with…”


“–What are you still doing here? It isn’t enough that you’ve gained your council’s favor? Go home, Orion Pax.” Megatron’s words are firm and biting, and though he had been prepared for some backlash it still causes Orion to pause for a moment.

“… Megatron that was never my inten–”

“Then what WAS your intention, Pax? What did you think would happen when you undermined me in front of the council??”

“I was trying help!” Orion clenched his servos reflexively, taking a step in emphasis only for his chassis to come in contact with Soundwave.

“Do not be a fool Megatron; though your message was sound, your delivery of it… was not sitting well with them. I saw that we needed an intervention, I saved the cause!” What possessed him to shout back like that, Orion may never know, but he is quite sure that he has never felt his spark sink the way it does when Megatron gets up and starts to walk towards him, ever so slowly. Like facing down a predator.

He never thought he would see those optics so cold.


… red.

When he reaches him, Megatron leans down so that they are optic to optic; Orion lets out a shuddering exvent he hadnt realized he was holding and Soundwave dismisses himself. They hold each other’s gaze for a few long kliks before Megatron breaks the silence with a low, venomous growl.

“…Have you come to gloat, son of Iacon?”


“Then what is it?”

“I– because, you–”

“–Why are you here?!?”

“BECAUSEILOVEYOU!!!” Orion immediately gasps and slaps a servo to his intake. No, he didn’t… scrap. SCRAP, no, not like this!!

“No, I… w-what I meant to say was… the council, since they– well, we can work with this! We can come up with a plan, I can work on the inside. W-we can–”

“–Go. HOME, son of Iacon.” Megatron’s optics flare in emphasis, his unspoken emotions are pretty clear. He can’t deal with this right now, there are far more important things. It’s unnecessary, it’s inappropriate, it’s–

“–Megatron…” Orion reaches for him, pleading with his optics for some sort of support, some reassurance.

Things Megatron cannot provide him with.

He swiftly straightens, watching Orion’s expression and extended servo fall.

“Go back to your council and warn them if you so desire.” Megatron says, turning sharply and heading back towards his seat. He pauses only a moment, clenching his servos even tighter and speaking over his shoulder.

“My war is coming for them.”

He doesn’t turn around until he has heard Orion’s retreat. Megatron looks on at his friend’s receding form, outlined and illuminated by moonlight. Perhaps, another time, perhaps… if things were different…

He shakes his helm. No. The time for daydreaming is over– no longer will he write poems of emotional turmoil and social commentary– it is time to act. He grabs a cube of high grade, watching the horizon.

“And for Pits sake, Orion.” He adds to himself, so quiet not even Soundwave can make it all out:

“…Stay out of trouble.”

Megatron continuity issues

In the first issue of Shadowplay, Senator Shockwave mentions Megatron being transferred to Messatine following the events of Chaos Theory. But I had placed the events of the issue 34 flashbacks BEFORE Chaos Theory, as Megatron was shown still being hesitant to use force.
Shockwave’s comment would make the order of events Chaos Theory (Cybertron)-> Shadowplay (Messatine)-> Issue 34 (Messatine)-> Megatron: Origin (Croteus 12). Do I have this right?

Alright alright ALRIGHT. So for class I’m doing this assignment bla bla bla AND I find out that Frank Welker (MEGATRON) has voiced KERMIT THE FROG on multiple occasions.

Please do imagine the following:

  • Rather than Megatron reading poetry, he brings a Kermit puppet and does a ventriloquy act
  • At one point he sings “It’s Not Easy Being Green” and spends the whole song looking at Minimus/Magnus
  • Megatron bringing the puppet to meetings and talks through it the whole meeting just to piss off Magnus
  • At some point, when Ravage is sulking, Megatron tries to coax him out by talking as Kermit (he had to get a new puppet after that one)

Thank you for your time

  • Optimus Prime:I am your leader!
  • Megatron:Well, I didn't vote for you.
  • Optimus:You don't vote for primes.
  • Starscream:Well, how'd you become Prime, then?
  • Optimus:Primus, clad in the purest shimmering light, held aloft the Matrix from the bosom of the planet core, signifying by divine providence that I, Orion Pax, was to carry the Matrix. That is why I am your leader.
  • Megatron:Listen, strange deities napping in planet centers and distributing magic baubles is no basis for a system of government. Supreme executive power derives from a mandate from the masses, not from some farcical magic chest jewelry.
  • Megatron:You can't expect to wield supreme power just 'cause some all-powerful tart threw a pretty "rock of wisdom" at you!
  • Optimus:[grabs Megatron and shakes him] Shut up! Will you shut up?!
  • Megatron:Ah, now we see the violence inherent in the system! Come and see the violence inherent in the system! Help, help, I'm being repressed!