I Am The Movie: The Movie

Last year we sorted through hours of video footage and photographs from when we first recorded and released our debut album, I Am The Movie. We realized we had such great footage from those days that we thought it would be cool to put together a documentary inspired stylistically by Fugazi’s Instrument.  We asked our friend Melissa Kraemer to lead the project and she did an amazing job editing together the story of I Am The Movie through the songs, from start to end. 

We are releasing this video documentary, now called I Am The Movie: The Movie, on May 13th through our longtime label Epitaph Records.  I Am the Movie: The Movie will be available on limited edition DVD in the original floppy disk packaging that the album was released on, as well as through digital outlets like iTunes and Amazon.

You can watch the I Am The Movie: The Movie trailer here:

To celebrate the release of the documentary, we will perform the album I Am The Movie acoustic, for the first time ever, in it’s entirety, start to finish at the 240-cap seated McNally-Smith Auditorium on the campus of McNally-Smith College of Music in St. Paul, MN on Tuesday, May 13th at 7PM.  Tickets are $25.00 and will be on-sale on Friday April 18th at 10 a.m. via or at the Depot Tavern


Book Narcs Episode 9: History Lessons

We talk books and history with the wonderful Adam Levy, from the Honeydogs and And The Professors. Adam also teaches song writing and music at McNally Smith College of Music. On this episode, Adam educates us on a variety of his favorite and latest non-fiction finds.

This is also Book Narcs’ debut of our new and improved podcast, we have upped our quality game. Thanks to McNally Smith College of Music for producing our podcast!

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McNally Smith College of Music prepares students for a fulfilling future in music by providing a culture of learning that inspires intellectual, creative, and personal development and that enriches our world through their artistry and leadership.



The Hip-Hop Studies diploma program, the first of its kind in the country, was introduced at McNally Smith in 2009. Diploma candidates immerse themselves in hip-hop culture, technology, and business for three semesters. Students get closer to their goal through hands on experience and critique from industry professionals. Performance, production, language, music theory, history, and business are all included in the diploma program’s curriculum. The Hip-hop Studies department also offers a minor, available to students pursuing Bachelor degrees in any area.

The Hip-Hop Studies faculty includes program coordinator Toki Wright (Rhymesayers Entertainment), both members of Mexican-American production and rap duo Big Quarters, legendary DJ and producer Freddy Fresh, and Sean McPherson, co-founder and bassist of Twin Cities hip-hop group Heiruspecs. Members of the Hip-Hop Studies faculty have worked with Fatboy Slim, Stankonia Studios, Dilated Peoples, Atmosphere and other national and local hip-hop artists.

Sample Courses

  • Language of Rap and Spoken Word
  • Diaspora of African Music
  • Hip-Hop Music Production
  • Deejay or Emcee Techniques
  • Hip-Hop Culture’s Impact on Society

If you are interested in the Hip-Hop Studies program, please download the Hip-Hop Audition Requirements.

P.O.S “F*** Your Stuff” (Live @ McNally Smith College of Music)

So back in April, I was in a Modern Rock ensemble at my college and we, thanks to me, performed The Ocean by Tonight Alive and I told Jenna and she freaked out and asked to see a video. Please help me get this to her! :)

HEY YOU. Live in the Twin Cities?


My theme is Heart to Heart. It’s all about connecting. This is a free event, and I would really love to see you there.

I really want two things to happen with this recital. First of all, I wanted to share my soul with you all. That’s why it’s called Heart to Heart. I want you to leave here feeling like you know me to my core. Secondly, it is important for me to share the stage with people that I love. Every person you’ll see with me onstage is someone that I care about and someone that I deeply respect. They are all brilliantly talented and good-hearted individuals, and I couldn’t be more thankful to be playing with them.

I will be playing alongside the following brilliant individuals:

Kyle Knight - Guitar

Austin Colden - Guitar

Nic Delcambre - Keys/Piano

Ryan Janssen - Bass/Percussion

Corey Fitzgerald - Drums

Lori Dokken - Piano/Vocals

Jennifer Parker - Vocals

Erin Schwab - Vocals

Taylor Muell - Vocals

Elizabeth Pugh - Vocals

David Gerald Sutton - Violin

Zack Warpinski - Accordion

Jake Anderson - Percussion

Doug Ramlow - Percussion

Matt Doctor - Percussion

I’ll be showcasing all sorts of different styles, ranging from musical theatre to country to…well, you name it. I don’t want to spoil any surprises. Just know that you should be excited.

All graphic design done by the wonderful and lovely Mullica Zudsiri. Photography to be done by Dan Brakke


Guess who just got accepted to McNally Smith College of Music? THIS ROCKER!!!

Great way too end a two day, crappy day streak! That leaves four more colleges left on the list to go! I’m most likely going to make my final decision on where I go after the other colleges get back to me and which ever one is offering me the best deal.

AHHH SOO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been waiting to read the word “Acceptance” since senior year. Can’t wait to hopefully get more of those letters!! One step closer to awesomeness!!

McNally Smith College of Music & present… MN Nice Showcase at SXSW 2013

Friday, March 15th | Noon - 6pm (Doors: 11am) | Liberty Bar | 21+

Complimentary drinks and great MN music! Featuring performances by… Knifight
Haley Bonar
Wiping Out Thousands
The Chalice
Henri Bardot
Elyse Barnard
Yesha Townsend
and’s “Best New Band” Winner With Special Guest Emcee Savannah Smith


Click here to RSVP

P.O.S “Bumper” (Live @ McNally Smith College of Music)

According to this interview with Motion City Soundtrack, they will be releasing their fifth studio album next spring!

McNally Smith & present: MN Nice Music Showcase at SXSW 2013



I suppose since we have our entire day party roster finalized, I should formally introduce you to our bands! We have a total of 9 acts, all either from Minnesota or have strong ties in the local music community. Here they are in order of appearance at the party (to listen to some of their music, click their names for a link to their bandcamp pages):

Henri Bardot  Henri is one of the musicians in the showcase that currently attends McNally Smith. 

Carroll Carroll is the winner of the Vita.MN Are You Local? contest! Through winning this they are given $1,000 (dolla dolla billz, yall) and a spot in our showcase! They fought hard for the spot, competing against Bad Bad Hats and Audio Perm. I’m going to be honest, I was rooting for them the whole time. I saw them in the 7th St Entry last summer and really dug their tunes. 

Elyse Barnard Elyse is another current student at McNally that was chosen to play in our showcase. 

The Chaliceis a hip-hop girl group from the Twin Cities. Like Carroll, I also discovered them last summer at the 7th Street Entry (can you tell where I spent a lot of my time last summer?). Can’t wait to see them rock it in Austin.  

Haley Bonar she’s a singer songwriter from the Twin Cities. She’ll make you fall in love and tingle inside. 

Yesha Townsendthe third student in our showcase that attends McNally. 

Wiping Out Thousands they have blown up in the Twin Cities in the last year. Funky trippy electronic musics. 

BNLX they’re experimental, noisepop, post-punk and awesome. If you’re hip with the Twin Cities music, you may recognize Ed Ackerson (guitar) from Polara. 

Knifight not from the Twin Cities, but are alumni of McNally. They’re actually from Austin, TX.