Maybe I'll get better at it one day

Okay working on making Caspian active so:

Like for a starter

I owe two or so from the last one and I’ll be getting to them as I do replies on here.

anonymous asked:

they just added a cockles photo op for washington dc's con, i swear to god they better add one to the one im going to next year but holy fuck $240?? im too broke for this lord, i need to get a job

Woot!  And holy damn that is expensive, maybe one day I’ll be able to afford to stand in their presence at least once

They tell me to be strong to feel better.

It’s so fucking unfair, why must I be strong so someone can talk to me?

Do I ALWAYS NEED TO BLAME MYSELF? well…maybe it’s true sadly…

And when I’m weak, nobody talks to me first.

Everyone that I helped, talked to, all didn’t talk to me first.

Sigh….it’s one of those days again…