Part of the Sailor Moon tribute art show, “Magical Girl Heroines: Sailor Moon and Sailor Senshi”, opening Saturday, April 5th 2014, at Q Pop! / Tumblr.

Sailor Swoon by Maya Kern

The Princess Serenity & Moon, Prism Power, Make-up! by Sylvia Liu

Nothing Can Stand Against Our Might by Elsa Chang

Sailor Moon by Nikolas Ilic / Blog

Sailor Moon by Priscilla Wong / Tumblr

The Magic Moon by Felix Ip / Tumblr

Sweet Dreamz are Made of These by Eddie Xu / Tumblr

Usagi by Candie Bolton / Store

Gossip by Aminder Dhaliwal

10 Tumblr webcomics you should be following

2) Maya Kern
If college theses were graded according to Tumblr notes, Maya Kern would have received an A+. Kern’s 23-page thesis for the Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD) is a Little Red Riding Hood-inspired comic series called redden. So far Kern has posted more than 13 pages from the series on Tumblr, where they have collected hundreds of notes each. Like Kern’s other webcomics, redden features a strong female lead character set for adventure in a world of unknown obstacles.

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Webcomics Wednesday

Monster Pop! by Maya Kern

Monster Pop! is a comic about two best friends and the slice of life adventures they share! Monster Pop! is set in an alternate Earth where monsters coexist with humans; sometimes they integrate well, sometimes they clash. This comic is heavily influenced by shoujo manga. Monster Pop! includes musical and interactive elements: Every now and then there will be a page with animation and/or music and most of the main characters have their own blogs (which you can find linked on the cast page).

Kern’s Tumblr


soooo this is probably the most horribly self indulgent thing i have ever done, but i’ve been wanting to make a hair + make up progression for a while and since i’m too tired to do any real work right now, i figured now was as good a time as any.

starts with 2009, the end of high school and the last year i had my natural color, and ends with my current hair.

i may be trash for making this but at least i am cute trash