So Finland beat Russia in hockey yesterday 3-1 and after the match this one loudmouthed and brash Russian politician gave the comment that “If you analyze Finland’s game, their biggest cause for success is anger. They’ve been raised in an anti-Russian spirit because of that horrible war in 1939. They’re kept going by their anger towards us.”


Woah, someone’s getting thrown off this train for travelling with no ticket. I never realized that they would actually make an extra stop along the way just to throw someone off.

Tumblr seriously makes me so angry every once in a while with those post defending something or someone with a deformity or something saying that if you don’t think it’s pretty then you’re ugly yourself. Are we not allowed to think anything is ugly? Like that deformed tiger. No. It’s not pretty. It’s deformed due to severe inbreeding of white tigers. It’s not beautiful, it’s sad. It’s incredibly sad that we’ve actually managed to get animals into such a condition. But apparently according to tumblr I have an ugly heart for thinking it’s not a pretty sight? Do we really have to live with this everything is beautiful attitude? Do you think it makes you a better person if you think it’s pretty? Why does everything have to be beautiful anyway? Isn’t calling that white tiger pretty and precious sort of just averting your eyes from the real issue with it - the deformationg caused by inbreeding, which a serious issue?


And this is my artist alley purchases from tracon this year! (plus a Fables bookmark which is not pictured here because I forgot it in my bag)