Biokinetic: A shieldShock Fanfiction - Chapter 8

Chapter/Work rating: M/E
Warnings for the chapter: Vomiting, gun violence, shock, Tony Stark making inappropriate jokes, implied violence/torture.
Chapter/Work Wordcount: 1924/27591

Excitement, happiness, shock, fear, terror, heartbreak.

I am not at all sorry. Feel pain, cry, weep, prepare for the next chapter. Scream at me a lot. I love you, sprouts. I know, I’m a horrible person. <3


There are no strings on me

Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Explicit sexual content and terrible puns.
Wordcount: 3654

Five times someone makes a joke (or several) about Pietro’s speed in bed, And the time he shows Darcy they’re wrong.

Like I said, the chapter of Biokinetic is going to be a little late this week, so here have something to hold you over. :D