Ran into these separately and couldn’t help but smash them together for comparison. What makes plankton marram grass (top) so happy on the micro level in comparison with the frightened blue faces to be found in a cross-section of bulrush? (Juncus sp.) —MN


Edit: Thanks to Zwickynova for clarifying a Tumblrgarble.

After several weeks of grey skies and persistent rain, the sun was finally shining again and the sky was a beautiful blue. It was a wee bit windy, needless to say, but that was only to be expected. At this time of year there were always many tourists on the beach, and a fluffy bird is naturally shy, so Algy decided to tuck himself into the Marram grass on the dunes, well away from the crowds. He picked out a high spot where he could look out at the islands and the sea, and settled down to a happy afternoon of quiet reading.

Algy was thinking of his old friend who was about to have a cataract operation. She was naturally feeling rather frightened and anxious, so Algy searched in his book for a very silly poem to cheer his friend up and make her laugh:

          On the Ning Nang Nong
          Where the Cows go Bong!
          and the monkeys all say BOO!
          There’s a Nong Nang Ning
          Where the trees go Ping!
          And the tea pots jibber jabber joo.
          On the Nong Ning Nang
          All the mice go Clang
          And you just can’t catch ‘em when they do!
          So its Ning Nang Nong
          Cows go Bong!
          Nong Nang Ning
          Trees go ping
          Nong Ning Nang
          The mice go Clang
          What a noisy place to belong
          is the Ning Nang Ning Nang Nong!!

[Algy is quoting Spike Milligan’s poem On the Ning Nang Nong, which was published in his book of Silly Verse for Kids in 1968.]

Algy loved to tuck himself in among the Marram grass on top of the dunes, and gaze out to sea with the salt wind in his face. Even in August the wind was always cold, but with plenty of fluffy feathers to keep him warm, he didn’t really mind… so long as the sun was shining!

A little bird had told Algy that his kind friend telescopical was about to take a wee trip across the mighty land of Canada to see the ocean for the very first time. Algy couldn’t imagine what it would be like to see the ocean for the first time, but he hoped that Kara would love it as much as he does xoxo

Today, Algy’s Tumblr friends in America – and the Tumblr gods themselves – have been organizing protests against potential US legislation which is intended to divide the internet into paid-for fast traffic, and second-class, very slow free traffic.

Algy noticed that many of his friends were using avatars and making blog posts which were related to “spinners” or progress bars - the animated symbols you see when waiting for something to load. It was a gorgeous autumn day, so Algy decided to go to the beach and create his very own “sands of time” waiting animation, to show solidarity with all his friends in the USA. The only problem was, it was so sunny and warm under the sand dunes – and waiting for the sand to run through his finger feathers was so very boring – that he just kept dropping off to sleep…

With Us Instead
Marram (feat. Owen Pallett)
Written by Duncan Strachan and Jamie Chambers | Published by Transgressive North | © ℗ 2013 Transgressive North

From the album: Sun Choir
Available to buy from Transgressive North from 20th January 2014 - more details soon!

Proceeds from the Transgressive North’s ‘Everything Is New Project’ releases will go to Scottish Love in Action, a charity that provides food, clothing, education, and medical care to children in southeast India. SLA funds the Light of Love Home and School. The Light of Love Children’s Choir are featured on every track of Sun Choir.


It’s 5 am and I’m up doing writing for deadlines I have stupidly made myself. 
Anyway, I am trying my hardest not to jump around and gasp. This track is just beautiful in all ways it can be. And it helps such a great cause. Owen Pallett, I love you. 

Algy discovered that today is International Literacy Day. As most of his Tumblr friends know, Algy is very fond of books, so to celebrate this special day he settled down in the Marram grass for a happy hour or two of quiet reading - that is, after he had composed a quick ditty in honour of the day:

If you are left alone at times
When no-one wants to play,
A book is perfect company
To while the hours away.

So when everything is boring
And you yearn for something new,
Just find yourself a story book
With tales of derring-do.

If you are seeking knowledge
But don’t know where to turn,
Then look inside a weighty tome
And you will quickly learn.

So if life is simply baffling
And all is mystery,
Search through a venerable book
And you may find the key.

If stress is wearing down your mind
Or work is all frustration,
Pick up a soothing book of verse
For rest and relaxation.

And on days when you feel sad and blue
Or worries grow and niggle,
Just open up a funny book
And you will start to giggle.

Inside the pages of each book
A world of wonder lies,
And every time you take a look
You’ll find a new surprise.

To be sure of entertainment
And the knowledge that they need,
Every little girl and boy
Should surely learn to read :-)

Algy says: Enjoy your reading, everybody!

[ © MacAvon Media 2014. This ditty is original copyright material, but you are welcome to share it on Tumblr providing you credit the original and link back to Algy’s Adventures.]