As customer service has become more automated, more mechanized, companies create distance between them and their customers. We aren’t people. We are simply a pool of possible money, valued based on our worth to the company. They do enough to keep us from going elsewhere if we are valuable, but otherwise do everything possible to not take responsibility. They don’t want us calling in so they pass the buck to keep their numbers and they stick to their scripts. The low-level employees have no power and they know darn straight that when we ask for their managers, we’ll never reach them. This is what Kafka feared and the reality of it is far more pervasive than we acknowledge in a market economy.

Ana Rosa has been selling #spices and #grains for more than 40 years in the Roberto #Huembes #marketplace in #Managua. / La señora Ana Rosa ha vendido #especies y granos por mas de 40 años en el #mercado #RobertoHuembes de Managua. #Nicaragua LatinAmerica #CentalAmerica #eye4photography #photojournalism #streetphotography #smallbusiness #mandil #CentralAmerica #dailyLife #JuanCarlos #2014copyright

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