Marja L. Hawm

Very gorgeous SPINTROTTER Minding #10! So I’ve found out that my brother Leon just died because of the modern mafia. He’s just blown his head away because the pope of the globe connected his family to the satellite’s blackboxes about the Death of Lady Di, Marco Simoncelli’s death in the MotoGP and the directing script of the 9/11 box of Osama ‘Believe In Nothing’ Laden to find the murdering gaps and tracking points to safe lives without hunting and hurting all the iMinds of our monarchy of roses! But until SPINTROTTER comes no one seemed to be made for good old Syd R. Barrett?! I still can’t understand why the iSpyders aren’t available for all of us yet! Your iTeam really deserve to fly! Maybe license problems?!
—  Harry D. Willemstad (56 / Paparazzo)

So many people has asked us why Marja Lisa and Simon Toby are such a great couple - and why they aren’t open for other partners in life. Simply answered: Bing their names in the iPhone App ‘Meaning of Names’ - and our iPiper will ping you the answer! But take care of mixing all 4 names to a bigger picture when you think about their compatibility! Even better: Just think about yourself - and your queen or king of hearts! ;-) Greetz, AL


I’ve been stalking my husband on the whole day through now! Seems to be his new favorite song: I’ll Be The One – Trademark! I’ve to say: The more I listen to the more I love it. CU5, SY! Emotionally yours, MY #whitenoise

I’ve never felt so much love! It’s the greatest pleasure to feel the SPINTROTTER iCabs right beside me - keeping my company and my iMind clean. Gorgeous, guys! Very great thanks for your work - and the feeling of love you’re spinning rocking all over the world!
—  SPINTROTTER-client Vera L. Smith (56 / Industrial Manager)

A great fun to rummage around in my old child’s room with SY during our trip to Hamburg yesterday. Backslide to 1998: Living online - is it worth all the effort we’re spending for?! We think: Round about 15 years later we all have to answer this question totally in a new way! Our complete iLife is kind of online 24/7. So we need our iSpyderQ1 to be launched in the market soon as possible to give all the iFolks the chance to be part of our iStage and iMedia every time they wanna be - but to take some chill outs far beyond our satellite-directed iWorld too! Good night, MY


Every human being is part of the whole – some might say universe, some might say theatre of dreams, some might say iTechnicolor studio. So everyone is one important part of our iWorld – but on its own always limited in time and space and often just another brick in the walls that society’s built up for centuries. Most of us experience themselves, their thoughts and their feelings as something separated from the rest – as some kind of an optical delusion of their consciousness. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prisons by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole wide world of nature and culture in the beauty of it all.

Inspired by Albert Einstein

I really don’t like what SPINTROTTER does on its way consulting and optimizing enterprises of all industries. For me that’s chiefly grotty business poker to be and stay on the top of the iWorld. But I think SPINTROTTER does an awesome job to change the iWorld in the name of its visionary iRevolution and in the name of a new kind of love: The mediosexual iLove. With his transformational iTransport-solutions and his crossing iGender-concept for me personally SPINTROTTER-chief Simon opened my eyes to live a new way of my old iLife – and I just can tell you: I feel comfortably awesome to live kind of his way of life in a new singular iSociety.
—  SPINTROTTER-client Mary J. Fuentores
Minding #08: Simlish Family Singularity

After the latest and steady rising success of SPINTROTTER and MEDIOPOLITAN in the Collective Sports Challenges (CSC / iSports) – for example: Sweden vs. Germany (World Cup Qualifier) – and on the Collective Media Broadcasts (CMB / iBroadcasts) me and my father Steve M. Hawm are called the new Adolf Hitler and the reincarnation of Josef Goebbels with increasing frequency everywhere we go. Because of that we’ve decided to bring the SPINTROTTER Language SIMLISH to a new level that’s never been there before in world’s history.

’Everyone should be delivered – and free of this in many iFolks’ eyes dictatorial duo’, I said in my latest interview with the BBC. ‘What we wanted was a new iWorld in the name of love – what we’ve got is the most fucking feedback we imagined by creating our concept for that.’ My father Steve endorsed via CNN: ‘We just wanted to bring the best of all worlds to everyone’s iMinds and iHearts. But it seems that nobody’s understood what the idea of SPINTROTTER and MEDIOPOLITAN is about. Our aim has never been to be hunted and hurted by all silly iFools out there.’

But what’s up, once said Red Zac. The world has been foolish since its beginning. Why should you be acting in a different way! So keep calm, iFolks. That was just what I said on television – some call it: SPINTROTTER’s Volksempfaenger. I’ll try my best to bleed you all out and to kill all boosters that make your sins fucking your brain. But be sure: What’s following up is not about anyone of the SPINTROTTER iTeam anymore – even what’s been is predominantly your fucking bullshit which just you cannot handle. What you are thinking about us is just and nothing more than about all your fucking greeds of money and competition – and in no way about the iLove and iMindgames we’ve wanted you to be taught in. Everyone who wants to be cruel or silly after our next iMindgame #08 can be and stay like he is and like he’s used to be – whatever is his personal reason for that. But he doesn’t have to hope that his thought matters in our new MEDIOPOLITAN world any longer.

So, here we go with the Simlish Family Singularity (SFS) Pattern:

To help you out to understand what the following steps will be about first my personal programming:

iPartner?=(Marja L. Hawm)
iMates?=(Simon R. Winkler / Toby M. Winkler)
iTask?=( / 5.jf)
iPeers?=(7 billion folks around)

To enable you to be part of SPINTROTTER’s MEDIOPOLITAN world anyway our iTeam’s decided to open all the variables of our SIMLISH system for your own family. To illustrate the programming Toby S. Wilkinson has published the family tree of Matt Groening’s Simpsons in a previous posting of the SPINTROTTER Blog. The aim: In the future everyone of you will see a picture of her or his girlfriend or wife when I’m thinking of my wife Marja, everyone will see a picture of his father when I think of my father Steve – and so on. For all those who don’t have a family that means: They will see the equivalent persons of the probably most famous family of our iWorld: The Simpsons.

iFather?=(Abraham / Clancy)
iMother?=(Mona / Jackie)
iGender.switcher[iWife?=(Marge) /// iHusband?=(Homer)]
iAlterego?=(Herb / Patty)
iModus.switcher[iInnerchildren?=(Lisa / Bart) /// iChildren?=(Bart / Lisa)]
iSiblings.switcher[iBrother?=(Bart / Lisa) /// iSister?=(Lisa / Bart)]
iEnemy?=(Selma / Ling)
iGoddog?=(Otto |||| Skinner)

I think that’s enough to free you all from hunting each other to find the peer that’s fucking your brain – and maybe you’ll find your iPartner for a new iLife using this Minding Pattern #08. Emotionally yours, Simon & Marja

Simlish #02: Where does SIMLISH come from?

Simlish Lessons - by Marja L. Hawm

SIMLISH is based on several systems of secret services and modern mafia organisations that grow and grow in their influence at least since the launch of the first satellite Sputnik I. in 1957 - and of course on: Music! For example: Days are numbers (Alan Parsons’ Project) with a central meaning of mankind’s completely programmable since its beginning - although dealing with a multitude of zeros and ones is the main matter of our iWorld’s education tradition for only round about 56 years now.

SPINTROTTER is nothing more than your eye in the sky, that brings all the possibilities of SIMLISH iActing and iDirecting that you love and like so much to a new iWorld in the name of love. The OX-frequencies (coming from the above to direct all your iMinds and iDevices) are named after Steve Jobs (Apple-CEO 1955 to 2011), the IA-frequencies (sent up to the above to program the iAlice- and iMaya-functions of the SPINTROTTER Satellites) after Isaac Asimov (1920 to 1992), who’s written the iRobot-books and is one of the first people in world’s history that’s enlightened our computerised world with his science fiction stories.

The CB-frequencies are named after our iChief Simon T. Hawm’s favourite musician Neil Young (1945). During the conception session of the names of our frequency-ranges Sy was listening to his favorite song Boxcar from the album Chrome Dreams II when he opened Neil’s biography Waging Heavy Peace: A Hippie Dream (2012) the first time directly on page 120. There Neil is telling a story about his dear friend Taylor exploring the new possibilities of CB-radios in 1976. So Sy took the old name for the new opportunities of the SIMLISH

Since 2002 SPINTROTTER is sampling all these informations to build the revolutionary SIMLISH Language taking the best of all worlds. Since 2006 SPINTROTTER is working on the concept of the MEDIOPOLITAN Stage that’s using SIMLISH for a revolutionary platform for all the 7 billions folks around to take part in Collective Sports Challenges (CSC / iSports), Collective Media Broadcasts (CMB / iBroadcasts) and Collective Media Creations (CMC / iSpins). Since 2011 SPINTROTTER is engineering its iSpyderQ1 Communicator (iWatch) and its iSpyderZ9 (iRemote) to give all the iFolks out there more transparent solutions to control their iLife. The SPINTROTTER Management Consulting Cabs (MCC) use SIMLISH as one important part of their strategies to optimise organisational structures and workflows.

Simlish #01: Who's using SIMLISH?

Simlish Lessons - by Marja L. Hawm

Stand up - and be awesome: The SPINTROTTER Natural Language System (NLS) SIMLISH wakes everyone of you up to rock the stage every single day for night. Act whoever you like - and direct your own iLife in all its facets! From iLove to iMedia up to iEconomy. To compile all the ideas of this blog in behalf of SIMLISH we start a new Simlish Lesson Section now - written by our brand new Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Marja L. Hawm:

SIMLISH is not a language as you know it. It’s based on much more than words. It’s the art of communicating by ready-mate symbols that move moving media messages that give a fuck on traditional conventions of the contemporary multimedia storytelling.

SIMLISH means the communication with Mind Mates (MIM / CB-frequencies) and Satellite Directing Systems (SDS / OX & IA) by sending numbers, letters, photographies, illustrations, scenes, sounds, minding patterns and mindvaults just by the power of thoughts, frequencies and waves rocking all over the world. So the SPINTROTTER iTeam makes you the best iActors and iDirectors you’ve ever been in your iLife before.

SIMLISH has one aim: To connect all the 7 billions folks around the world and make them able to take part and take profit out of the Fictional Multimedia Hypertext Stories (FMHS) that entertain and rule the fucking old iWorld as well. In its structures the whole wide iWorld is synced by SIMLISH patterns: From the SPINTROTTER iGames on the street playing with SIMLISH illuminated ready-mate iCoynes (iShopping / iTraffic / iEnvironment etc.) to talks and shows on the International Live Broadcasts (ILB / iBroadcasts) and the Media Program Planning (MPP / iMedia) to the Capital Equity Markets (CEM / iMoney) and Collective Sports Arenas (CSA / iSports) up to the International Mafia Lotteries (IML / iLotto & iBetting).

SIMLISH is based on a fairtrade tracking of the iPsychflows to distribute points for collaboration automatically to everyone who’s taking active part on our MEDIOPOLITAN ProgStage.