On what would have been her 89th birthday, a photo of Marilyn Monroe singing for a crowd of 13,000 men in the First Marine Division during her 1954 tour of military units in Korea.

Source image from the National Archives. 


My book trailer for ‘To the Sea’ coming out June 2nd!
My first written and illustrated book, published through Disney Hyperion.

Check out an interview I did with John Schu regarding the trailer here:

Joint Strike Fighter make 100th flight by United States Marine Corps Official Page on Flickr.

On March 7, 2011, the first F-35B Joint Strike
Fighter test aircraft (BF-1) completed its 100th flight with BAE test
pilot Peter Wilson at the controls. BF-1 flew in short take-off,
vertical landing (STOVL) mode to continue expansion of the STOVL flight
envelope to demonstrate design durability and in preparation for
shipboard testing scheduled for later this year. The F-35B is the first
JSF variant with two aircraft completing 100 flights and will be the
first stealth fighter for the U.S. Marine Corps and is undergoing test
and evaluation at NAS Patuxent River. Photo courtesy Lockheed Martin.

From John Lloyd Young Friends Facebook page:

“May of 2015 marks 50 years since our deployment to Vietnam.  To commemorate this experience, a reunion was held on May 10th 2015 at the Silverton Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.  As in years past, Ed and Gayle Roski owners of the Silverton Hotel were hosts for this extraordinary historical gathering and they asked John Lloyd Young to perform for this group of valiant US Marine veterans.”

More pictures are posted on Facebook:

Thank you johnlloydyoungfriends for all that you do to support and honor the men and women who have served our country.  And I know it was an honor for you to perform for them as well…mutual admiration and inspiration. xo


Pacific Coast Highway (Santa Barbara to Monterey, California)

If you take one drive in your life, make sure it’s up the Pacific Coast Highway (also known as California State Route 1) from Santa Barbara to Monterrey. 

A road trip on this route will afford you some of the greatest panoramas of the Pacific Ocean and California’s rugged coastline. 

For the faint at heart, be warned: this road winds through mountains and steep cliffs, ascending to high elevations above the rough waves beating against the shore.

It’s hard not to stop at every scenic point and take in the natural majesty of it all. However, if you’re going to make a stop, I recommend doing it at Elephant Seal Beach. 

It’s quite a site!

If you’re looking for a soundtrack (although I would suggest leaving your windows open and taking in the ambient sounds for most of the journey), I recommend some easy listening, such as James Taylor or Norah Jones. 

-Trevor (4/4/2015)