okay, here have a bonus baby photo of me… Okay, i’m not really a baby here, but i’m still tiny. I think i’m like 6 here?

anyways, this was backstage of the old SeaLion show at MarineWorld-Africa-USA (God, just saying that in my head makes me want to cry) which is now known as SixFlags Discovery Kingdom. Anywho, this is me getting kissed by Samson the SeaLion. He was the oldest and biggest of all the sealions and he lived for a few more years after this photo was taken. Somewhere I have another photo of us, I think of me hugging him. I was able to go backstage back then because my mom knew one of the trainers. 

Ten years later, who’d have known I’d be able to go backstage and show a bunch of other little kids the behind the scenes of the SeaLion show and other animal attractions at MW! My job at (then called Six Flags MarineWorld) the park was one of the best jobs i’ve ever had. I loved every minute of being an Assistant Camp Counselor for the Summer Seafari Day Camp. I got to share my experiences and make new ones with so many other really cool people. I’ll never forget that summer.