Il mare immenso, l’oceano mare, che infinito corre oltre ogni sguardo, l’immane mare onnipotente - c’è un luogo dove finisce, e un istante - l’immenso mare, un luogo piccolissimo un istante da nulla.
Alessandro Baricco “Oceano mare”

Le foto non sono mie, l’ho prese un po’ in qua e là su Tumblr.

Calabria, known in antiquity as Bruttium or Italia, is a region in Southern Italy, forming the “toe” of the peninsula. The capital is Catanzaro, but the most populated city is Reggio. 2 million people live in the region. In ancient times the name Calabria was used to refer to the Southern part of Puglia, the peninsula of Salento, which forms the “heel” of Italy. 42% of Calabria is mountainous, 49% is hilly, while plains occupy only 9% of its territory.