I get so disappointed when I read some ELFs comments about SS6 not having that "Wow factor" GUYS ! Think about it leeteuk just came back last month !! He and the boys put their hearts and souls into the new album (which was great btw) because they didn't want to spend another minute away from their fans ! And what happened next ? They basically spent countless sleepless nights at the recording studio and practice rooms in order to put this show together in mere 3 weeks !! Why do you think they were in such a hurry ? They could've promoted their album for at least another month before starting on the tour yet they stopped all promotions after the first two weeks and weren't even present to receive the rest of their awards because : SHINDONG DIDNT HAVE MUCH TIME ! He obviously wanted to be a part of this show and he literally took charge of every aspect of SS6 in order to prove himself to you guys...and all some of you do is complain that it wasn't as good as SS5 without taking their situation and the time restrictions into consideration. The only disappointing thing was the lack of HenMi participation which obviously saddened the members as well...so have faith ELF ! I'm sure they'll be more involved in the Show once their out of freaking Korea and away from the hateful only13ers. What do you think the boys will think if they found out that all their efforts were ignored and unappreciated ?! Stay strong ELFs ! Have hope!
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[Full HD] Fancam 140919/20 Super Junior Elsa Cosplay + Mamacita Super Show 6 SS6 in Seoul 140919 Day 1

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(HD)Show Champion Backstage - KangTeuk Cut | 140920