I’ve just had mallverse strife brothers feels all day

and I could not get the image of an upset Sora clinging to his brother until he feels better out of my head …

oops I arted more of dakt’s fantastic mallverse AU





387,597,543 apologies if this is in no way canon it’s just the way I imagined this going down in my head cause Riku’s totally the type to get way too into a song and get carried away if he knew no one was around and Sora would be floored to sandwich-dropping proportions of Riku’s singing voice and I don’t even know if they’d be in riku’s house or anYTHING I’M SORRY I FAILED.


slam-dunks back into existence

What I like to pretend happened before and after this post

I’ve been sitting on these mallverse feels for 3 months, mother of pearl.

So I was thinking about how much I love Squall’s friends and their obvious shameless matchmaking with him and Rinoa and then of course my brain flipped into Mallverse-mode and I started thinking about Zack and Aeris both being the type of people when they find out a friend has a crush become blatantly obvious cupid and what if Leon wasn’t dating Rinoa yet when he moved in with the RGU boys, and it became this whole FFVIII-parallel Thing with Zack recruiting Aeris and Tifa and Aqua (and Aqua giving Terra instructions when needed) and Cloud trying to stay out of it cause he’s still blushing from when this happened to him with Tifa. 

i had fun drawing this but now that im posting it im just embarrassed ID

based on this post about riku working at a candy store called dream eaters.

i really wanted to draw a rainbow counter.

and put riku in pink. 

i couldve done more with this but i was just done working on it. paint gets really boring to work on after sketching and using the airbrush tool